A big victory for European Baseball

How do you like 'dem apples, Filipe Alou?

Last week the arrogant Dominican manager proclaimed that their defeat to the European minnows the Netherlands was merely a fluke, and that on a normal day the Dominican would pound them '9-0'. Well, Filipe, what excuse have you got now? The Netherlands knocked the over rated Dominican's out of the WBC with a tight, well played 2-1 11 inning win.

What an enormous victory for European baseball, and what a whopper of a cream pie in the face of Filipe Alou.

It wasn't just the manager. The arrogance the Dominicans displayed was all up and down their club. "We're way better than them," Jose Reyes said, on Sunday, after the first time the Netherlands beat them. Well Jose, apparently, you are not.

What a simply beautiful victory for the underdog, and the lovers of the underdog.

The Netherlands 2 The Dominican Republic 1

That ain't no misprint.