Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Dublin: It's gonna cost ya

News that Dublin had become one of the most expensive cities in the world has not come as a tremendous surprise to those of us lucky/unlucky enough to live here. Once you get used to paying six euros for a pint of beer you know there is something wrong.

The most depressing aspect is when you read which cities Dublin is now more expensive than. the Irish capital is now dearer than London, New York, Rome, Madrid and Berlin. Seriously. No joke.

Considering how relatively small Dublin is to all of those cities, the fact that it is more expensive than all of them is simply embarrassing. The cause? Pure unadulterated, unchecked greed. Hoteliers charge lofty prices because they know the government isn’t going to do anything about it. Dublin’s publicans actually put their already high prices up on big match days and public holidays, and they do so safe in the knowledge that our docile government will not do anything about it.

So, planning a trip to Dublin any time soon? If you could choose between Dublin, London, New York, Rome, Madrid and Berlin, but you knew that Dublin was more expensive to visit than all of the others, I wonder, would that possibly make you choose say, I don’t know, LONDON or NEW YORK over Dublin?

So, Dublin, the thirteenth most expensive city IN THE WORLD...

Unlucky 13 indeed.



emmet said...

Well Berlin has always been a relatively cheap city, so that's not a shocker. Some of the rest are a little surprising, especially Rome which I found to be a massive rip off.

Cormac said...

Gosh darn it BE ANGRY!! why doesn't anyone from Dublin ever get angry about the fact that we're being bent over a barrell financially every single minute of every single day we live in this rip off city, nay, rip off nation?

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