Tuesday, March 03, 2009

The haves, and the have-nots...Manny against the common man in LA

So, on one hand you have Manny Ramirez turning down a solid two year $45 million dollar offer to play a game in the sunny confines of LA, and on the other, you have over 7,000 hopeful people turning up at a two day job fair held by the Dodgers who were trying to fill 500 part time jobs that pay as little as $9 an hour.

Perhaps Manny should come down from his Ivory Tower and spend a little time with people like Bob Reider

''Bob Reider, 68, came looking for a beer-cart job to supplement his Social Security check. For Reider, the money would help pay for tuition and books for his two youngest children in their final years of college.''

You know, real people, in the real world, where $45 is a big deal, let alone $45 million.

7,000 people desperate for work. Of course, this being LA, 6,500 left early. No word on what the 'part time' aspect constitutes, perhaps they turn up in the third inning and leave during the seventh inning stretch?


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Irish National baseball team
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A nice little mention for this blog on Fox Sports


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