Wednesday, April 01, 2009

April fools!

April fools!

Managed to get a good few 'April fools' in this morning.

Poor Garret, Ireland's greatest Red Sox fan bar none (and therefore in the running for greatest Red Sox fan worldwide) fell for;

'Hey did you hear the Sox traded Papelbon'
He responded 'No way, for who?'
..and then sent a '..wait a second...' text when he realised the date today.

Tried a similar one on Mets fan Chris, who didn't fall for 'hey did you hear the Sox traded Papelbon to the Mets for Wright?' - he wrote back something sardonic about Livan Harnandez for Big Papi.

Actually a running theme became Mets fans being too sharp for me, tried the same Papelbon/Wright text on Jason, another one of Mookie Wilson's blue and white barmy army and got back a four page text with other suggestions for joke trades, and a happy April fools day note to end.

I wasn't able to trick my brother either, he is an Arsenal fan so I went for the home run and sent a text saying; 'Hey, how are you? Did you see Arsenal sacked Arsené (Wenger, their manager)''

He wrote back;
'Yeah, sure did, and did you see Sunderland signed Lionel Messi'?


I did catch another poor Sox fan a beaut though, suggesting the Sox had just traded Daniel Bard to the Yankees for a 'player to be named later'. He sent back a page long tirade, about how the Yankees always manage to get something for nothing, and ten seconds later wrote another one to me saying;

''You bastard''.

The Irish morning papers were absolutely smothered in them (April fools), fake stories on the front and even back pages, perhaps a little over kill. Wait a second, do they even do 'Aprils fools' in the States?


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