Wednesday, April 22, 2009

..we don't spell too good

File this under pretty amazing

The clothing company 'Majestic' actually shipped a few jerseys to the Nationals that had "Natinals" emblazoned on the front. Seriously.

The company response;
"We take 100 percent responsibility for this event and we regret any embarrassment for the Nationals organization, players and fans,"

Should they themselves not be even a little tiny bit embarrassed?

On a somewhat related note, journalists get lambasted for even the tiniest slip in terms of political correctness with increasing frequency, often on ESPN, but it is apparently okay for an enormous condom advertisement to festoon the top of this story?

Love the tag-line, 'anytime, anywhere'!

For a country so increasingly in love with right wing sensibilities and moral outrage, you have to appreciate the high dosage of sexual-aid type advertisements on day time television in the States. If it isn't condoms it's Viagra or whatever erectile dysfunction medicine is the bees knees at the moment.

Seriously though, how on earth does a company send such poor quality jerseys to a Major League team? how does that happen in this day and age?


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Marc said...

Did they not have spare jerseys? could they not have the whole team wear the the alternate?

Irish National baseball team

Irish National baseball team
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