Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Champions League Final: The bet

Tonight is a tough match up to call, because the event really is playing host to the two greatest Clubs in World football. Having said that, the one thing that should happen is there should be goals. Possibly plenty of them. Several factors lend themselves to this hypothesis. The two teams are stacked with attacking talent, both teams have forward thinking managers, both teams have somewhat suspect back fours and both teams are entirely fearless.

Look at the attacking players on display. Ronaldo, Inniesta, Tevez, Xavi, Berbatov, Messi, Rooney and probably Henry too. That is one serious stack of striking superiority. It is no exaggeration to say eight of the world greatest attacking footballers will be on the pitch at some stage tonight. As far as most are concerned, the two current best players in the world will be playing, Ronaldo and Messi. Having watched Messi play dozens of time this year, there is no comparison at all, the little Argentinean is head and shoulders above Ronaldo, a vastly superior overall player. Be that as it may, there is no doubt Ronaldo can score, almost at will. So, check the first box, the right players are involved for a game conducive to high scoring.


The two managers, Pep Guardiola and Alex Ferguson, really only know one way to play. Guardiola may be young enough to be Ferguson’s son but he has taken to football management, under the harshest of spotlights, like a duck to water. Both bosses demand their teams push forward at all times. Barcelona play a somewhat more aesthetically pleasing game, keeping the ball on the ground at almost all times, United are a little more direct, however there is no denying both teams overall ethos is, simply, score

Both United and Barcelona have suspect defenses, both have had their issues through the course of the season. Whilst both have domineering, great players, for some reason they both can concede goals, often plenty of same. Who can forget Liverpool’s absolutely stunning 4-1 destruction job of United in Old Trafford, less than two months ago? Barcelona are missing some key elements in their back four making them vulnerable also.

Must have wallpaper for all United fans

Finally, there is no doubt at all that both teams believe strongly they can win this match 3-1 or 4-1 or whatever, both sides are commendably and entirely fearless. Look at Barcelona in particular, with only ten men they quite literally spent the entire 90 minutes in Chelsea in the semi final throwing themselves at the big physical blue wall Chelsea set between them and the Champions League final. Both teams only know one way in terms of movement, and that’s forward. Unlike Chelsea’s despicably negative tactics, you won’t see anything bit attacking football tonight.

And so we come to the bet of the night. I suggest Over 2.5 goals, which is currently as high as 11/8 with some bookies. Put your tenner down, sit back and enjoy what has the potential to be a wonderful nights football.

Goal, Goal, Goal!

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