Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Link with me, brother..

This is potentially amusing. It is reported the New York Yankees are 'studying' wind and balls and what not to try and find out why so many home runs are being hit at their fancy new digs. Perhaps they should just have a look at the no-name, low talent bullpen they have at their disposal in '09?

''Forty-seven home runs hit, four shy of the record for the first 13 games at a major league ballpark. Thirty-two of the homers were hit to right field.''

Seems like maybe, possibly, there might be a problem with the distance to right field. There's your 'study'.

This whole Glen 'Big Baby' Davis v a 12 year old Orlando fan thing was getting a little bit insane. Thankfully Big Baby himself has (hopefully) put the entire matter to bed with an eloquent and timely apology. The whole truckload of rubbish that emanated from this 'incident' was just another indication that the Internet may not be as good for sports as some think it is.

Speaking of game winning shots. I hadn't actually seen the 'no call' on the foul on Carmello Anthony that everybody is talking about until tonight. Sadly, as you can see, the standard of refereeing in the NBA is nothing but a really bad joke.

Meanwhile, Isiah Thomas is saying 'I tried my best' in a failed, failed, oh so failed, stint as coach of the Knicks. Goodness, one would have hated to have been witness to his worst.

Nice piece by the NY Times Jack Curry on how the Blue Jays are leading the AL East even thought they have about four thousand players on the disabled list. While it's nice to see a team that didn't spend 458 billion on a stack of 'superstars' this offseason passed, Curry kind of hints at the potential short term nature of the Jays lead with this line;

''The good thing has lasted 34 games, about a fifth of the 162-game season. ''

Let's see who is where come August, I guess.

Finally, how else can we end bar to mention the Lions player who had promised they will make the playoffs in 09'. Yes, the 0-16 Lions.

"I won't make a prediction about how many games we're going to win, but I will say this: We will definitely make the playoffs this season.''

That glass is most definitely half full.


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Anonymous said...

As far as Boston is concerned, congratulations to Big Baby on postponing the inevitable. Cleveland is going to steamroll whoever advances from this series. Boston is simply not good enough without Garnett, there's nothing more to it. And so what if Davis knocked into some flabby little kid while he was celebrating, especially if he apologized that issue should be over and done with.

On the Den-Dal call, yeah they missed it but Carmelo still needed to nail a 3 pointer when his team was down 2 with the clock running out and Dallas needs to play to the whistle. Denver is a better team and will advance but unlike a Champion's League semi-final, each team has seven games to prove they're the better team and Dallas still has a much better chance to overcome a blown call than Chelsea did to overcome a missed handball in the 94th minute.

Which brings me to my point. After the game the NBA came out and admitted they had blown the call. Now I don't buy into any of the conspiracy talk but don't you think it would make things easier to take from the Chelsea point of view for UEFA to come out and say, alright, this a-hole blew several calls but that's life and there's nothing that can be done now? Instead you see this gag order bs and it only breeds more paranoia and aggrevation. The NBA started commenting on referee decisions in the wake of a recent gambling scandal and have apparantly learned from that incident that the best policy is honesty when dealing with blown call that lose important matches. Why can't UEFA do this?

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Irish National baseball team
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