Friday, May 15, 2009

Pow - right in the kisser!

I blame, in entirety, the Boston Globe, for last night's double-whammy Bruins and Celtics losses, with a side of Red Sox extra innings demise. The worst part? It, perhaps, only gets worse from here. In time honoured fashion, as the Junior Russian officer who turned to his commander on the submarine in 'The Hunt for Red October' that blew itself up said, 'Your arrogance has killed us all'.

In lay mans terms, the Boston Globe has angered the Sporting Karma Gods, and retribution will be painful and plentiful.

Four titles? how about NONE?!

Whilst it is completely enjoyable that Boston teams have enjoyed so much success over the last few seasons (for those of us with Boston sports in our veins), was it anything but wildly arrogant for the Globe to come out with this self congratulatory rubbish? Is it any wonder the Sporting Karma Gods stung the Bruins bad last night? Is it any wonder sports fans from other cities, states and indeed countries rejoice when The Celtics lose, when the Patriots lose or when Big Papi strikes out? Not really, no. If I had say, for example, the Cowboys, Mavericks and Stars rammed down my throat I would not particularly like it very much.

The Sporting Karma Gods do not take this kind of stuff lightly. You want to name your City 'Titletown USA'? No problem, enjoy it while it lasts, but be prepared for a series of stomach-punch events that end your teams seasons prematurely.

If you sit down and actually pen an article suggesting a City might sweep all four major US sporting crowns, you think the Sporting Gods are going to let you get even a gentle whiff of any of those trophies? As a Boston sports fan, I am absolutely blaming the Globe for the fact that I am now going to have to watch the dominoes fall one by one, in painful fashion too, if last night's demise of the Bruins is anything to go by.

Revenge, Sports Karma style.

There is simply nothing enjoyable about arrogant sports reporting, and the above mentioned articles were absolutely destined to come back to haunt Boston's sporting scene.

All that is left now, the only hope, is for Boston sports fans to break out the humility, break out a rain dance or two and a lucky rabbits foot, whatever it is you think will offset the Globes asinine arrogance in the eyes of the Sporting Karma Gods. It's that or watch in dismay as one by one the Celtics, Red Sox and Patriots get picked off.

Four titles? We would be lucky with one, and should be entirely grateful with one also!

Live in the moment and enjoy each game as it unfolds. Pining for four titles? Inane. One down and three to go. Perhaps the Celtics gritty, full-of-heart professionalism will appease the Sports Karma Gods. Maybe with their blue collar work ethic the afore mentioned deities will take them to their hearts and reward them with something special. Maybe Tom Brady has paid the penance due with a year on the sidelines and perhaps the Patriots will find something special in '09.

Who is to say the Red Sox won't knuckle down and pull a win out of the bag. Maybe one of those, maybe. But all four? What clown even thought it would be sensible to even start thinking about suggesting that?

And now look where it has got us, the Bruins are coming home to watch the rest of the chase for the Stanley Cup on TV. Any which way you look at it, jokes on us from here on in, and we have the Boston Globe, more than anyone, to thank for that.

This year, every time a Boston sports team is knocked out of the running for the title in the concerned sport they just got evicted from, you can remember the Globe running a piece suggesting Boston was going to take home all four titles.

Cheers fellas.

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