Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Just how bad are the Mets?

Disclaimer, health warning, whatever;
If mass-wastage of money on a biblical scale makes you queasy, do not read this story.

Is there a more pathetic team in Major League baseball than the New York Mets? Let's find out! First up, why go here in the first place, why sling mud at a seemingly innocuous NL team? Simple, it's an equation where the Mets are concerned, tangible return minus salary ranking equals complete ineptitude.

Let's put this sentence out on its own, in bold font, heck, I would underline it if this software supported underlining your sentences that need to stand out.

The New York Mets are second in MLB payroll in 2009 at $135,773,988

They trail only the Yankees who have a payroll that NASA are currently trying to figure out (only kidding, it's $201,449,289). Third on the list are the Cubs ($135,050,000) followed by the Sox at $122,696,000. Rounding out the top 5 are the Tigers who are paying their merry band $115,085,145 collectively.

The long and the short is, goodness gracious, $135,773,988 sure doesn't get you much at the grocery store any more, does it?

The New York Mets are the second highest paid team in baseball and yet, if you look at the overall rankings, the Mets are the fifteenth best team in MLB. Tampa are 25th on the payroll list and yet are a couple of games ahead of the Mets in the overall standings.

I run a baseball team, no, seriously!

The issue that really stands out, and pretty much always has under the inept guidance of the Mets GM Omar Minaya is the starting pitching. The 2009 Mets have one of the most pathetic, lame excuses for a rotation that $135,773,988 has bought. Apart from one genuine diamond (Santana) the Mets rotation is a collection of cast offs and no hopers. There is only one team in the entire National League with a worse starting 5, the hapless Nationals. At least the Nationals have something approaching an excuse, they only spent$59,328,000 on their collection of scrubs.

The only player in the Mets starting 5 that would break into NL East rivals the Braves rotation is Santana. The Braves wouldn't take any of Pelfrey, Hernandez, Redding or Nieve. Think about that, not one of the Mets four guys other than their ace would break into the Braves rotation, not even the 4-5 spots (Kenshin Kawakami and Tommy Hanson, both vastly superior in their own right to any of the comical 2-5 the Mets wheel out every fifth day).

How about the lowly Marlins, and their minuscule $36,814,000 salary? If you combined the best of the two rotations you would you end up with a five man team of Santana, Johnson (Fla), Pelfrey, Hernandez and Miller (fla). The team with the lowest payroll would be adding two (maybe three with rookie Sean West) elements to the team with the second highest payroll in MLB. Surely that can't be good?

If you ever want to be completely and utterly flabbergasted at just how bad a MLB team can be run, have a quick peek at the Mets 2009 salaries page on ESPN. The one that sticks out like a really sore thumb is the entirely useless Oliver Perez. The Mets are paying this chug monkey $12,000,000 and in return they get a 9.97 ERA? Thanks Oliver!

How about the closer situation? The Mets are paying a Satanic $19, 666,666 for their two headed closing monster, K-Rod and Billy Wagner. I wish i was making this stuff up. All those devilish sixes for two closers, one 38 and one 27. Almost twenty million in salary for one relief pitching position. Nice work, Omar!

The AIG like wasting of cash-money doesn't stop there. It is present all through the entire Mets roster. How about six million a year for a second base man who has no home runs (zero, squat, diddly, nada, none!) and can't catch pop ups at second base? No problem, Luis Castillo and his uber pathetic .337 slugging percentage are yours for just six million US dollars! Just don't ask him to catch the baseball.

And of course, any time you can spend $6,000,000 on middle relief you have to take that chance! Step forward JJ Putz, with his sparkling, diamond like 5.22 ERA. Now if that isn't six million balubas well spent, I just don't know what is!

Truly awful. Omar Minaya shouldn't be allowed run a Sunday afternoon kids pick up soccer game let alone a MLB team.

Clearly Minaya has zero concept of how to 'build' a team, instead he picks up high priced pieces and jams them into slots, even if they don't fit (K-Rod for closer? Great! As long as your not already paying a guy TEN MILLION DOLLARS to do the same job).

Take for example the Mets bullpen. Taking away Wagner, the Mets bullpen cost $17,650,666 to put together. That's a pretty hefty figure when you consider the paltry results in return.

Francisco Rodriguez 9,166,666
J.J. Putz 6,000,000
Pedro Feliciano 1,612,500
Bobby Parnell 0 (Someone else must be paying his salary?)
Sean Green 471,000
Brian Stokes 409,500

It gets worse. Much worse. Compare the Mets 'pen with the Majors best: The Boston Red Sox and their glittering array of arms. The Red Sox 'pen cost $10,832,000 to construct. So the Mets bullpen, even without figuring in Wagner's 10 million, still cost ten million dollars more than Boston's, and yet Boston's is wildly more effective.

Takashi Saito 1,500,000
Hideki Okajima 1,750,000
Manny Delcarmen 476,000
Ramon Ramirez 441,000
Justin Masterson 415,500
Jonathan Papelbon 6,250,000

Here's the funniest part. If you remove Papelbon from the equation, the entire Boston bullpen cost less to assemble than the salary of JJ Putz alone! Oh my word!

The New York Mets, wasting money at a time when nobody has two dimes to put together, you have to love them. If you ever find yourself in a 'Brewster's millions' situation, who-you-gonna-call? Omar Minaya, baby. He will spend that cash for you before you even know you have it.


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Hey, I would say that Pelfrey would be a #2 or #3 for almost any team in the NL. Other than that, you're pretty much right on the money...

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