Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Ten to consider

The Globe just ran a nice pictorial piece on ten players the Sox should consider for a trade, at the same time allowing readers the chance to vote on each player in turn.

They started with Adrian Gonzalez of the Padres, but no sooner was he on the list, they were virtually crossing him off on account of his low salary, something the Padres have no incentive to move. Gonzalez is only 27 and his statistics are trending up, so he would definitely be a nice addition. Problem is, there are only two hopes he would be dealt from sunny San Diego, and yes, you know it, Bob just left town.

The next player was a bit of a throw-in to the list, I have nothing against Omar Vizquel, other than the fact he is about thirty seven thousand years old. However, how on earth would he be an upgrade over either Lugo, Green or indeed Lowrie? This was not a serious consideration.

Victor Martinez, next on the list, is an actual possibility. A nice one too. Everything would appear to be in order here for the Sox to swoop with an appetising, Godfather like trade the Tribe would be fools to say no to. Salary? Check, just over $5m. Age? Check, only 30 years old. Big bat? Check! The kid is hammering the ball to all corners so far this season. The Indians are awful? Check (sorry TK)! The Tribe is 7.5 games out and fading. They could be 12-15 games out by the time the all star break comes along.

Nick Johnson? Thanks for calling, but no thanks. What, seriously? This would be nothing short of a regression. This is one of the names that pops up that makes you think, 'What about just bringing up Lars Anderson?'.

The next option was intriguing. Old friend Orlando Cabrera. Did anyone seem to enjoy their time in Boston more than the O.C.? Ever? Cabrera seemed to roam the Fenway park infield with a constant smile on his face. Frankly his current '09 numbers are no great improvement over the Lugo/Green experiment, however you have to think given the chance to escape the abyss that is Oakland, Cabrera would up his game considerably.

''I Love this place!!''

Aubrey Huff is the kind of guy that may not look too appetising on first glance (high salary, poor defence, low average) however if you slotted him in to the Sox lineup and gave him a taste of Fenway, don't you think we could be looking at Bill Mueller with more power? At thirty one there's plenty of miles left in the tyres here, and the ball is hopping off his bat in '09 to the tune of eight bombs and a whopping 39 RBIs. A definite maybe.

Then again, you could have Aubrey Huff version 3.1, otherwise known as Adam Dunn. The big slugger signed with the Nationals in the offseason however Washington are rebuilding and would probably bite Theo's hand off if he approached them with a suitable package of prospects. Dunn has slammed 16 bombs already and would probably go Sammy-Sosa-mental at Fenway. The sky would be the limit.

The last three options were not viable. End of story. Miguel Tejada? 35 years old and no range. John McDonald? Let's just say it's not a good sign when your pen-picture includes your career stats, instead of your 2009 numbers. Alex Gonzalez? I assume Theo isn't in the market for anyone who's bat is described as 'feeble'.

Finally, we are asked to vote. Which of the above would you like to see the Sox trade for? Personally I had it down to two guys, Cabrera and Dunn, hey, can we get both? Go get it done, Theo!

The sprawling Red Sox Nation voted for Victor Martinez with Adrian Gonzalez a close second. As always the lesson here is, what do I know? Having said that, my two guys finished third and fourth respectively in the virtual ballot box.

28,000 Red Sox fans have spoken, now let's see if Theo is listening.


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