Wednesday, July 01, 2009

2009 Prague Cup: Official tournament report

The Dublin City Hurricanes spent the weekend slappin' the bass at the Prague International Baseball Cup in Prague, the Czech Republic. Over the next few days we at Boston Irish will be reporting on this Mega Super event, with photographs, full game reports and the like.

Hurricanes in a Prague eatery - Raffy, TK, Joe, Steve and Kevin

First up, the official report from the tournament organisers. Our own tournament report will follow later but this simply had to find its way into mass circulation. The chaps in the front office did a fantastic job with the tournament, very well organised event at a really beautiful baseball facility. Then they went and outdid themselves with this fantastic, euro-English tournament report.

This is best read in the style of the two European guys in family guy who talk about 'sexing' girls at the 'Discho-Tech (sic)'. Actually, in order to enjoy this fully, start thinking using the voice of a European (Swedish would be best) who has lived in the States a couple of years and has that goofy half European/half American accent. Do it.


Official tournament report

The last June weekend was run already 4th
BASEBALL CUP. Athough the first game was
scheduled to Wednesday, wheater clearly
declared who is the boss of the tournament.
Finally all games was completed in defined
frame and we believe that all participants was
satisfied with tournament.

Five teams played in tournament. Beside home
team Tempo Titans, SaBaT Praha (winner of
the last three annual volumes), Aligatori Znojmo
and after one year out also Dublin Hurricanes
accept invitation to Tempo. The rockie in
tournament roster was Praotci Roudnice nad

And just Praotci broke SaBaT domination and
won tournament. Thanks to win in common
game with SaBaT. SaBaT is leaving Tempo with
award for the second place. Third finished
Dublin Hurricanes. As well in first position fight,
also common game between home Titans and
Aligatori decided, that Tempo Titans finished
fourth. Fifth finished Aligatori Znojmo.
In Saturdays The Pub Beer Derby won home
team followed by dubliners and Znojmo

Big thanks we must send to general partner of
the tournament OKI Printing Solution company
and umpire Charles Magedanz, who umpired
almost of the tournament games.

Next fifth annual tournament will be schedule to
last weekend in June again. The term of
tournament will be June 26th - 27th 2010, we
strongly believe that at least with the same
roster like this year.


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