Communication is the name of the game

How bitter, sad and lonely some people really are. Amongst all the drama last night and early this morning, I received three angry, ugly ‘comments’ on this blog. Purportedly from three different sources. Each of them was anonymous, full of hate, anger and acerbic rhetoric. Each of them mixed their hate for the Red Sox and, in particular, David Ortiz, with stinging personal attacks at your author. As they were anonymous I have no intent to publish them (I won’t publish anything where the author was too cowardly to stand over his or indeed her comments) but I was naturally curious as to why someone would go to the bother of such an angry written attack.

When researching the comments, some really interesting facts arose. Putting the time of the comment together with a statistics log and matching visitor entries to the time the comments were written it was easy to see exactly who ‘dropped by’ for a visit.

First of all, of the three, two of the comments were from Ireland. Because of the content of the comments it is reasonable to assume both of the posters know me. This begs the question, what the fuck? What exactly is the point of taking the time and making the effort to write an anonymous posting that will never see the light of day to get a point across?

The third comment was written by someone who spent a few weeks sending in angry comments a year ago. They started their comment ‘Remember me?’ and then launched into a massive tirade the like of which is normally reserved for Chinese leaders rebuking Western Europe.

Two parts to this section. First of all, this individual has visited ‘Boston Irish’ a total of 98 times. That is an awful amount of visits for someone who allegedly doesn’t enjoy reading the material therein. 98 times? How unusual. You would think after their thirtieth visit they would have had enough. 98 times, how do you spell ‘a little obsessive’?

Second part to this, the one interesting point they raised amongst the barbs was why do I not slate David Ortiz in the manner with which I have slated A-Rod.

Well that’s simple enough.

David Ortiz doesn’t slyly try to slap the ball out of a pitchers hand while running down the first base line.

David Ortiz doesn’t allow photographers to take pictures of himself kissing himself in a mirror.

David Ortiz doesn’t shout ‘I got it!’ at third baseman as he approaches the bag, in a pathetic attempt to distract them.

David Ortiz has never been photographed heading into a hotel room with a buxom blonde who he isn’t married to by the New York media.

David Ortiz has never in his career been labeled ‘The cooler’ or ‘Bitch tits’ by his own team mates.

With all of the above in mind, I will choose to take a ‘wait and see’ approach before I write David off, he has earned that from me, and I would venture all Red Sox fans, because of his incredibly congenial, gentlemanly behaviour in his last few years service to the team and the Boston community also.

A-Rod never came close to sniffing being anywhere near that level of benefit of the doubt.

Back to the original point, I am left mystified (although not surprised) as to why people would take the time to go out of their way to attack someone else anonymously after revelations such as came out yesterday evening. How does that improve anything about your day? How does that leave you with any sense of satisfaction? What is the point in doing it anonymously, are you basically trying to hurt someone, regardless of how cowardly doing it anonymously is? Having been through pretty much everything life can throw at an individual in the last few years, a few semi retarded comments from some cowardly idiots aren’t going to have any great effect on me, or any person who tries to write as a pastime or for a profession.

If anything, it merely jolts the imagination a little, and hence leads to a more prolific output of material.

So, I suppose a thank you is in order?



Tom said…
Love the blog but Ortiz is no unfortunately included with A-Rod in the list of baseball frauds and cheats. Ortiz, Manny and other selfishly chose to put their own personal agenda ahead of their team mates, fans, and their Union, a union that helps all professional baseball players make millions of dollars. Players were warned well before testing in 2003 that is more than 5% of the tested pool came back positive, MLB could test and enact punishments. Still Ortiz and other chose to cheat. Ortiz is on record saying that PED users should be banned for one year. What a hypocrite and I hope Big Papi and all the other millionaire cheats in MLB are booed loudly when they step to the plate in Fenway Park.
mojojojo said…

I cant stand all the assumptions about Ortiz that im hearing from people.

Also Manny no I dont like him for slacking off the last few weeks in boston but he wasnt juicing it either, atleast thats what it sounds like.

AROD admitted it after like weeks saying "I dont know what i was being injected with" LOL, come on now. Im glad arod is not in boston.

Im just basicly pissed off at the list of 104 players tested positive was supposed to be anonymous and who the fuck is going to get sued for peaking and releasing the names. I think it should be the NY Post for releasing the first told story. They know who informed them and probly paid them for doing so.