Thursday, July 02, 2009

Donovan v Beckham: Round Uno.

Well now, that's US Soccer Golden Boy, Landon Donovan, crossed off the guest list to the next Beckham party! Comments Donovan made regarding David Beckham's time in LA playing for the Galaxy are beginning to surface, and the kid pulls no punches in describing Becks as a selfish introvert. Most damning;

'He's not shown (he's a good team-mate),' he said. 'I can't think of another guy where I'd say he wasn't a good team-mate, he didn't give everything through all this, he didn't still care. But with (Beckham), I'd say no, he wasn't committed.'

Tell us what you really think, Landon. By the way, nice goal against Brazil. Sweet finish. Many strikers would have panicked and shot high and or wide. Still can't believe the States didn't win that one. Personally I think they defended too deep. A good European coach wouldn't have allowed them to fall back into last ditch defensive tactics once they went two-up.

Finally, were Landon's parents Star Wars fans who just couldn't pull the trigger on 'Lando'?


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Irish National baseball team
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A nice little mention for this blog on Fox Sports


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