Thursday, July 02, 2009

Karma begins it's long and much anticipated revenge tour on Scott Boras

Well, well, well, wellity well. It would appear to be payback season. Are the Nationals playing hardball right from the get-go? Someone has taken a "unknown hard, long object" to Scott Boras' Land Rover while it was parked outside a Newport Beach restaurant this week. Damage totaled $2,000, or, about five seconds of Boras' time. Police have issued a warrant for [Insert name of angry MLB GM here].

The narcissistic Boars' car was recognized immediately by his license plate: 'Isc4wYou4cash'

Shady video footage shows a man disguised as the Big Lebowski character, Walter Sobchak, taking the long, hard object (quit sniggering!) to Boras' car, roaring;
'This is what you get when you **** a stranger in the ***!'

Wouldn't hold out much hope for the tape deck though.

Or the Creedence.


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Irish National baseball team
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A nice little mention for this blog on Fox Sports

A nice little mention for this blog on Fox Sports


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