Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Villarreal edge 27-goal thriller

Ouch. Now that's a hammering. Top Spanish club Villareal took on 'Navata' a tiny regional Spanish club, in a pre season friendly, and stuck 27 goals past them. That's actually physically hard to do! The 'Yellow Submarine', Villareal's nickname, had to have scored roughly every three minutes for this to happen.

Still, 27-0, that wasn't very nice, was it?

The scoreline has caused outrage on some Internet forums with fans arguing that humiliating a group of part-timers was not really beneficial to anyone. The suggestion is that perhaps Villarreal would have been better displaying their ability to keep the ball and play possession football once the score reached about 9-0. Clearly, the Yellow Submarine cares not for your suggestions!

Forward Jonathan Pereira netted seven goals, Joseba Llorente and Marco Ruben scored four each while former Arsenal midfielder Robert Pires scored twice.

For you US readers, here's a little helpful chart to assist you in making sense of this 27-0 scoreline

27-0 equates to roughly the following imaginary scorelines in the respective sports
Imagine how shocked you would be if you saw the following scores..

  • Baseball - Boston 22 New York Yankees 0
  • Football - New England Patriots 72 New York Jets 0
  • Basketball - Boston Celtics 182 New York Knicks 48
  • Hockey - Bruins 12 Rangers 0
  • MLS - New England Revolution 27 Some New York Red Bulls 0


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