Where the streets have no name

U2 at the Superbowl 2002
In honour of U2 weekend here in Dublin

Let's face it - there will never be another Superbowl half time show as good as U2 in 2001. Ever. There simply isn't anything that can top it.

From the choice of songs (two absolute classics), to the incredible reaction from the crowd, the classy sans-politicking memorial to Bono's enjoyably over the top showmanship. There isn't even any point in holding up other half time show as comparison as it would be like comparing The Tulsa Dirt Dogs Sunday slow pitch softball team to The Boston Red Sox.

Why am I bringing this up now? No reason other than I have searched high and wide for footage of the show and have only now stumbled on it after literally years of searching. Where did I find it? Where else, good old youtube.

First up, U2 come on stage to 'Beautiful Day'

At the time this was one of those pinnacle life moments for me. The new England Patriots had miraculously made it to the Superbowl against all the odds and were not only competing they were actually leading. The defence was playing out of it's skin and Tom Brady looked like a veteran and not the rough-around-the-edges rookie he actually was.

I was home watching with my Dad, my brother and my friend Paul and I didn't even know U2 were going to be the half time entertainment. When they came on stage I thought to myself 'This really can't get any better'.

It was indeed a beautiful day Bono, touché

The opening song was a great way to kick things off but I don't think anyone was prepared for what followed. Bono and the Edge singing softly together as the massive September 11th memorial unveiled behind them was to date the most simple yet moving and caring memorial to that terrible day I have seen. The mesmeric guitar opening to 'Where the streets..' started up in the background and the Louisiana crowd was ready to explode long before Bono offered 'I want to dance, in the Louisiana rain'

Here is 'Where the streets have no name' in all it's glory.

If this doesn't make your heart beat just a little bit stronger, well then, you are already dead inside.

This little trip down memory lane actually adds another name to my list of things to do before it's too late. Item A) on that agenda is 'See Pedro pitch live one more time before he retures', and to that I now add B) See U2 live one more time before they retire.

Better get cracking!