Cy bung

Notice the four most talked about leading candidates for the '09 AL Cy Young pitching award all had rough nights the last couple of evenings? Josh Backett was lucky to get a no-decision, the White Sox beat up Greinke and the Red Sox slapped Roy Halladay around, in a week where the Boston Sporting media were approaching the Sox/Jays tilt as an absolute no win game for the Red Stockings.

Finally, one of our favourites here at Boston Irish, 'King' Felix Hernandez, was bullied around by El Tígres, losing his start to them Tuesday night. Believe it or not, Seattle are actually the next closest team in the Wild Card in the AL after Boston, Texas and Tampa.

''No es Bueno!''

Texas lost last night, meaning there is a shred of separation in the Wild Card standings now, between Boston and the upstarts from the Lone Star State. Bear in mind though, Tampa are hovering just three games out and starting to look like a decent ball team once again in time for a late stretch run. Isn't it funny how often a team makes a late run that carries them deep into the post season. Colorado in '07, the Cards in '04 and maybe Tampa in '09.