He's got a gun!! He's got a gun!!

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Imagine that, a black athlete in trouble for confronting a white police officer who 'thought he saw a gun'. How old is that particular story getting? The Ravens rookie Tony Fein made the mistake of trying to hand a cell phone to a friend in a restaurant, and guess what happened next..

''Fein was eating dinner at Johnny Rockets in the Inner Harbor when a security officer thought he saw him pass a handgun to one of his friends, said police spokesman Anthony Guglielmi. It turned out to be a cell phone.''

How does a cell phone look like a gun, to a supposed professional? What a joke. Maybe one of those brick like 80's cell phone abominations, but to say a modern cell phone looks like a gun is simply retarded. Straight up no-foolin, old fashioned retarded. This Police Officer obviously has never seen the brilliant and timely Robert Downey monologue in 'Tropic Thunder' regarding going 'Full retard'.

If Fein gets in trouble for pushing a police officer, should the police officer not get in trouble for not being able to tell the difference between a cell phone and a hand gun? I would have thought the ability to discern between both might be an important aspect of said officers professional life? No?

How pathetic does this sound;

When police questioned Fein, 27, he became belligerent and shoved the officer, Guglielmi said. Sgt. Joseph Donato was knocked to the ground and had an injured elbow, a police report said.

Frankly, most free-thinking men would be furious if confronted as having a gun when all they were doing was trying to pass a cell phone to a friend. An injured elbow? Pathetic. This doesn't smell of racism, this absolutely reeks of racism, and Fein is clearly being punished for little more than getting annoyed by racial prejudice.

That this happened in Baltimore, home of 'The Wire' is not a massive shock, if David Simon's brilliant series is anything to go by, police incompetence and racism is nothing to be surprised about.

Sad, sorry state of affairs.

You wonder how this episode would have gone down had 'Smooth' Lester Freamon been on the case?