Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Mailbag: Which is tougher? Rugby or American Football?

Interesting comment left by a reader on a previous post on which is tougher, Rugby or American Football

The comment, from 'Logo' read as such;
Schools rugby and Pro rugby are two totally different animals. As are American Football and Rugby. Its like comparing Horse Racing to Monster Truck Racing. Same basic concept (a race) but executed in two totally different ways, with two totally different sets of rules. American Football is more violent as the players wear superior protection.The more this improves the more violent the game will become. Rugby does not allow for that level of protection so until we see American Football without all the padding, its an impossible comparison. Always an interesting debate though :)

The thing is, I was never comparing schools rugby and pro rugby, I was more comparing schools rugby to the Irish American football league, two things I had first hand experience with. To debate further, I would argue that the reason football players wear that protection is because of the violence, not the other way around!

The reason Football is more violent than Rugby is simply angles. You can be hit at any angle in football, whereas in Rugby it is largely straight up tackling. You can tackle in any form either in Football, in Rugby it is illegal to tackle without 'wrapping' your arms around the opponent.

To finish, if you played American Football without padding, people would be killed.

Simple as that.

You are right though, always worth a debate.


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