The Mets dream '09 season continues!

So, the Mets have issues. David Wright’s unfortunate beaning and subsequent injury have brought dramatic search light like illumination and focus on to these issues. People are now asking, ‘What can go wrong next for the New York Mets?’

Asking what can go wrong next for the Mets is kind of like watching a 27 car pile up on a motorway in silence, but freaking out like a crazy person when car number 28 adds to the wreckage, screaming ‘My word, what can go wrong next?!’

What else can go wrong? Really? You mean apart from a GM that thinks it’s clever to have two all star closers on the roster at $10 million each? Or a GM that thinks that it’s super clever to go out and grab himself a $7 million dollar setup man who gets beaten harder than a Celtic fan at Ibrox?

The Mets are a complete and utter mess, and it is amazing that it takes a serious injury to one of their few bright spots, David Wright, for people to ask, ‘goodness, what could go wrong next for the Mets?’

The club is put together like a shambolic fantasy baseball team, one that is run by a learning disabled chimp. There is no farm system to speak of (dealing away Kazmir is one of the dumbest moves made in the last 30 years of baseball transactions), the lineup is wafer thing with zero depth, and the pitching, lets just say they aren’t exactly cutting through opposition lineups like a knife through butter. Quite the opposite in fact.

They are a $200 million dollar joke. The second highest payroll in baseball and yet zero positive results. Only the New York Mercenary Yankees have a higher payroll than the pathetic Mets. Think about that. 30 other MLB teams have lower payrolls than the Mets, and pretty much most of those are getting better value out of same.

Here’s hoping Wright recovers, and recovers fast. He is a great player and a class act to boot. However, even a miraculous recovery by Wright should not be seen as anything but a tiny step in the right direction for what has become one of the worst run franchises in Major League history.