Tuesday, September 15, 2009

About last night, baby..

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And so that is why we watch sports. What. A. Night. Sensational finish. Did you know it was actually the Patriots kicker who eventually got credited with the fumble recovery? Watching the play (and I will watch it again a few times later too!) after he kicked off, I noticed Gostkowski get away from a half hearted Buffalo block and join in the scrum when it developed. Pretty cool that it was he who finally grabbed the rock. Not sure what that says about the Bills, however!

Mental note to self: Must ask friend who picked Gostkowski way, way too high in our fantasy draft if he got any points for the fumble recovery..

Unlikely hero

Lots of Patriots fans seem unhappy with the win, one friend posted on his Facebook wall, ‘Must do better!’ I will politely disagree. As the head coach would say, ‘it is what it is’ and that is, an amazing come back win. Here’s the knock, the Patriots ‘are what they are’, they may as well be walking around with a bull’s-eye on their jersey as they are going to get the best, or close to the best of each team they face in ’09.

Last night the Bills played almost flawless football for 58 minutes. They played completely out of their skins, I would hypothesize that the Bills will not play that well in half of their upcoming fixtures. Clearly they were trying to get the massive 300lb Gorilla in the form of the Patriots off their back. They almost did too.

No reason to do anything other than tip your flat cap to the Bills and their feisty display, they almost pulled off a huge shock. Their motivation (having not beaten New England since 2003, being written off by everyone and their dog) was strong, and they rode it to a good display against a rusty team.

What it comes back to is, that game was a great example of why we watch sporting events. Personally, I haven’t got that excited about a play in sports for a while, when Merriweather ripped the ball loose and the Patriots grabbed it. What a crazy moment. What was the poor Bills return man thinking?! Goodness gracious he is probably getting destroyed by the Buffalo media today.

He shouldn’t take all the blame though, breathtaking final couple of drives from New England to seal the deal but where was the Bills coverage? Maybe there is nothing they could have done though, that final touchdown from Brady to Watson was in heavy traffic, just a beautifully thrown laser of a ball.


If this is what the 2009 NFL season is going to be like, sign me up.


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