Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Let's all make fun of the New York Mets!

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Has anyone told the New York Mets there is still, more or less, a complete month of baseball yet to be played? They way they are capitulating, caving, flailing towards the finish line, it would appear they think they are headed for the golf courses in a week or so, not in a month.

Hey, at least they lead the Majors in contrived, boring and lengthy hand-shakes.

This could go down as one of the worst seasons ever for any Major League Baseball club. Okay, so the Mets are probably 'only' going to lose 90 games (only!) and plenty of teams are going to touch 100 (We're looking at you, Crumby Kansas, Brutal Baltimore and Pitiful Pittsburgh). However, when you consider that many sports media entities actually had the Mets to challenge for the '09 World Series, their sad demise is all the more shocking.

Basically, anything that could happen to the Mets, happened to them in '09. Through a combination of inept management, shoddy play and, well, just plain old bad luck, the Mets are an absolute laughing stock.

Where to start?

First things first, the Mets can not blame poor luck on all their troubles. Their GM is a clown of Village Idiot proportions. He 'assembled' a squad for close to 200 million dollars, the second highest payroll in all of baseball other than the $$Yankees$$ and then sat back and watched as it crumbled to the floor.

How can you look your fan base in the eye and tell them that the heart of their lineup as it stands right now is; the punchless Daniel Murphy, free swinging, oft striking out Jeff Francoeur and C-level fill-in Cory Sullivan? That has to be one of the worst 'hearts of an order' not only in '09, certainly in this decade, and maybe, maybe in all of MLB history. The Pirates would be embarrassed of that 'heart'. Diseased heart, maybe. Pathetic.

This is what happens when you throw millions of dollars at a few guys and surround them with $0, C-List 'talent' as their depth. When the big guys go down through injury or lack of interest (how long has Jose Reyes been 're-habbing'?!) you are left with the immortal 'Murderers row' of Murphy, Francoeur and Sullivan.

As for the pitching. Good lord almighty. Right now, at time of writing, Mike Pelfrey is the Mets ace. I wish I was kidding, for the sake of those friends of mine who hopelessly root for the Mets, I wish I was joking. Sad, but true.

They can't even catch a break when it comes to Sporting Karma. Do you imagine Carlos Beltran (wherever he is right now) would like to take his early-season comments back in regards the Phillies and Cole Hammel? Beltran eloquently said - "Hopefully we kill him, and then he'll have to deal with the situation."

Beltran has been on the DL for ten weeks and counting. He will make $19 million in '09.

The Mets play in the field has been horrendous of late, but really it has been shoddy all season long, as far back as May for example. On May 18th the 'Amazins' committed a whopping five errors against the Dodgers, the game ending when Jeremy Reed threw the ball away attempting to force out the winning run at home plate. Stylish.

At least the Mets fan base can look forward to a bright future, a team led by a clever, well balanced front office who always get the job done. Take for example Oliver Perez, who is in the first year of a three year and $36 million contract, and had a 7+ ERA and 2+ WHIP, with two DL stints and season ending surgery. The future is so bright, one should have to wear shades.

David Wright getting plunked square in the noggin, while hopefully not something that leads to long term issues, may have been a personal 'plus' for him, perhaps the knock erased the memories of what has been a squandered season for the '09 Mets.


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