Thursday, September 17, 2009

Oh, we're going down that road again?

Dear oh dear, what on earth are the Jets doing? The New York free safety Kerry Rhodes has come out and said he wants to "embarrass" the Patriots this Sunday. Perhaps Rhodes forgets the last time a secondary player from an opposition did pretty much the same thing, remember poor Anthony Smith of the Steelers? Remember the trick play the Patriots humiliated him with, the flip to Moss, to Brady, then 50 yards over Smith's noggin for a touchdown? 'Member? Well, apparently Kerry Rhodes doesn't.

Watching the talk shows last night, what came across was that most pundits agree Rhodes was foolish to bring attention on himself and his team mates, particularly when the Jets don't even hold half a candle to the 2007 Steelers.

Sadly for Rhodes, the cold facts though are that the Patriots have completely owned the Jets this decade.

In 2002 the Pats and Jets split 1-1 however not without New England putting a serious 44-7 beat down on the hapless Jets in week 2. In 2003 the Patriots went 2-0 against the Jets without breaking sweat. In 2004 2-0 again, with the Jets scoring an absolutely pathetic 14 points in the two games combined. 2005 and the Patriots again cruised to two easy wins over the keystone cop like Jets.

Getting the picture, Monsignor Rhodes? Between 2002 and 2005 you managed to go 1-7 against the Patriots. That's not very good.

In 2006 the Jets finally managed to get a win against their (apparently) hated rivals. Splitting 1-1 that season must have felt like a huge deal to Jets fans and Rhodes. Sadly for them, in 2007 normal service was resumed, the Patriots went 2-0 against the Jets including a 38-14 laugher in week one. You probably remember the second game in 2008, a brilliant 31-34 Jets in in OT, where both teams played out of their skins. Earlier in the season the Patriots took game one 19-10 though producing a 1-1 season split.

Long and the short of it? Since 2002 the score between the Patriots and the Jets is 11-3, New England.

The following is best said in Stewie Griffin's high pitched voice (try it!).
''Not really much of a rivalry now, is it? Kinda one sided, no?''


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