Wednesday, September 16, 2009

So much to do, so much to see; Wednesday morning sports news

There is a lot going on out there for a Wednesday morning.

How about Dice-K's start last night? The much maligned Red Sox starter looked absolutely fantastic against one of the best lineups in the Majors. You can't stress that enough. Dice-K completely sliced through what might be the most dangerous lineup one-through-nine in the entire Major Leagues. What I mean by that is, although the Yankees might have more power, and the Sox more patience in their lineups, the Angels have a very tough combination of power, average and terrifying speed combined with a strong, willing to gamble skipper, that is not matched in Major League Baseball.

That all combines to make what Dice-K did last night all the more spectacular.

Pretty good bench clearer in the Jays v Yanks scrimmage. Loved A-Rod's quote on the incident.
"It got pretty heavy and pretty thick pretty quickly, I think we're all fortunate and glad no one got hurt." A-Rod said, from the safety of the Yankees bench! Watch the video, he is nowhere to be seen mid brawl!

Great to see the umpire call out Posada. "As he ran past Carlson, he gave him a little shove with his elbow. It was very unsportsmanlike," Joyce told a pool reporter. "It was a cheap shot."

Finally, you stay classy, New York;''The game was interrupted for about 10 minutes. When play resumed, there were only three umpires on the field. During the fight, third base ump and crew chief Derryl Cousins was hit in the knee by a bottle full of soda that he said was thrown from the stands.''

Rough week so far for Leodis McKelvin. First he coughs the ball up against the Patriots, then some clown destroys his lawn. You stay classy, Bills fans!

Has anyone else noticed that Barry Zito is very quietly rediscovering himself as a dominant starting pitcher? It's always fun to have a pop at highly paid athletes when they are on a downward spiral, somehow it isn't as news-worthy when they start to put things back together again. Zito is 4-2 in his last 9 starts and has brought his ERA down a full point.

Finally, how funny was Suzy Kolber's breathless chase of Tom Brady post game on Sunday? You can re-live all the action here.


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