Monday, October 19, 2009

The fall out in Tennessee

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Sometimes it's much more interesting to hear what the opposition media has to say after a big game, than the Boston Herald or Globe. Take for example the insane 59-0 blow-out the Patriots hung on a crestfallen Tennessee outfit on Sunday night. There wasn't much the Boston media could say about the game, other than heap praise on Brady and a rejuvenated Maroney.

Smiley happy people

The Tennessee sporting media? Well they had plenty to say.

David Climer of the Tennesseean left little to the imagination in his piece, which went as far as calling the Titans the worst team in the NFL (I can think of a few teams worse than the Titans!);

''Based on what we saw on Sunday, it's now a losing trifecta. The Titans have no offense, no defense and no pride.''

A report card from the same paper doesn't offer much in the line of consolation.

''Jeff Fisher has a dangerous situation on his hands with 10 games left. His team looks like it has no interest in playing, and the coaches aren’t giving the players any reason to believe''

The official Titans website has the transcript of the Q&A after the game, one clown asked the Titans coach;

Q: Do you think they ran up the score at all, 45 nothing in the 3rd quarter?
JF: No, that was their plan going in, why are they going to change their plan?

Jeff Fisher nipped that one in the bud, but with Brady coming out of the game just after the half, how could you accuse the Patriots of running up anything?

Great follow up comment by Fisher to another less than brilliant question'
Q: What was the demeanor like in the locker room, Jeff? JF: It was less than celebratory.

Finally, apparently the Titans owner doesn't watch much football.

"The way it is going, I don't know if we'll win any games, and that is unheard of in the National Football League.''

Detroit might have a thing or two to say about that!


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