Friday, October 02, 2009

Joe Mauer, cheat.

Well now. How about this. Joe Mauer, the Twins catcher, cheating, quite clearly, on camera. In the Twins huge show down with the Tigers, Mauer was caught on video giving signs to the batter as to what pitch was coming next from Tigers stud starter, Justin Verlander.

There is a great video of the incident here, well, there will be until MLB's legal team close the 'offending' blog down anyway!

Issue A with this, what the hell are you thinking Mauer? Are you trying to get the batter killed? Don't you know Verlander packs genuine 100mph heat? Imagine one of those in the ear-hole?

Issue B, there are some out there in the Internet world who are trying to argue this is not cheating. It certainly is cheating, what the Twins were doing is absolutely cheating, sadly Detroit made it easy for them to do, however it is still cheating. If you leave your door unlocked and a guy comes in and takes your big screen TV, is that stealing, or is it not stealing because you left the door unlocked?

The same goes here, the Tigers should have mixed their signs up, however just because they didn't, does this make what the Twins were engaged in any less reprehensible and pathetic, and any less of a theft?

With all the above in mind, I am absolutely stunned that Detroit did not come in high and tight on Mauer in last nights game. If anything the Twins were actually more aggressive, brushing back Marcus Thames a few times over the course of the crucial series. Is old school veteran manager Jimmy Leyland awake while all this is happening? It is hard to believe he is willing to allow his young team to be pushed around.

The Twins are denying everything, naturally, however, the Sporting Karma Gods have no doubt taken notice, and will take a terrible revenge on Joe Mauer the cheat, and his cheating heart friends too.

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