Sunday, October 25, 2009

London, baby! Notes from the capital.

Random thoughts as we approach game time.

The US press seems to think the weather is going to be a factor, it's really not bad at all, a bit windy and grey, however it's dry and seems, if anything, like perfectly good football weather.

Found it odd to see Sports Guy (Bill Simmons, ESPN) worrying that UK fans might boo the Patriots, if that's the feeling in the States, you are in for a shock, London is jammed packed with Patriots fans this weekend. We have seen dozens in the airport, the hotel and the surrounding areas. You can't underestimate the pull of a Boston/New England team in Ireland and England.

By contrast, haven't seen one single Tampa fan as yet. Plenty of neutrals, couple of 49ers fans, couple of Bears fans, but zero, zilch, squat, nada on the Tampa front.

The line is moving, since Friday when it was -13.5, and then -14, it is now -15 this morning. Pretty clear to see where the money is going. The basic fact is it is hard to see how Tampa are going to score points, whereas you have to be confident the Patriots are going to be good for over twenty close to thirty maybe more. All things considered, this feels like Patriots 36-10.

Speaking of lines, The Vikings and Falcons look tasty today, +5.5 and +4 respectively.

By the way, haven't seen one dissenting voice about this game being played in the UK, can't believe someone hasn't tried to make a name for themselves by slamming the NFL being played in a 'Foreign country'.

Plenty of press given to English NFL fans, no one has touched on the swarms of Irish and European NFL fans that have touched down in the UK for the weekend. Boston Irish has seen fans from Germany, Italy and knows dozens of Irish NFL fans attending the game.

And as we wrap this up, here comes the sun.


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Irish National baseball team
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A nice little mention for this blog on Fox Sports


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