Monday, October 19, 2009

The weekend that was. It was? Was it?

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At one stage late on Sunday evening, into the first quarter at The Razor in the showdown between Tennessee and New England, the Patriots were -6.5 in running, and the 'over' was 24.5. True story.

Sporting highlight of the weekend, apart from Brady's six touchdowns in seemingly a two minute spell? The Sunderland goal that, well, it bounced in off a big red beach ball. Thrown onto the pitch by a teenage Liverpool fan. You can not make this stuff up.

Before any idiot Liverpool fans start complaining about the incident, this comment from the Liverpool Echo newspaper;

''A two or three goal victory would not have flattered Steve Bruce's energetic side (Sunderland) and serious questions must be asked''

RTE's Kenny Cunningham asked on Saturday night why Liverpool 'keeper Reina was tracking the big red ball, as opposed to the smaller white one? Lots of work required on the training ground it would appear.

Meanwhile, there's a couple of brilliant pictures doing the rounds on the Internet related to the incredibly bad quality of the online feed of the Ukraine v England last week.

It's funny that MLB TV and the NFL Game Pass can deliver high definition, excellent quality feeds on a weekly basis but The English FA can't organise a one off match without literally thousands of complaints.

Very, very low definition!

How about those J-E-T-S eh? Remember a few weeks ago they danced a merry jig of joy upon beating the Patriots, after having spent the entire previous week talking trash and calling the game their Superbowl? Turns out the text I got from a friend that night really was accurate. It said; ‘’I guess they won their Superbowl’’

Last night the Jets didn't so much lose as hand the game to the Bills. Maybe Rex Ryan forgot to leave the voice mail for the season ticket holders this time? Well, guess what, Jets fans, you are now 3-3 and dropping faster than a lead balloon, second in the AFC East and heading D-O-W-N on the back of a tasty three game losing streak. Hope you enjoyed your Superbowl!

Now THAT'S a good day at the office!


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