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Mailbag 04.10.09

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Sifting through the inbox

Well over due a mail bag, inbox pretty stuffed the last couple of weeks. Don’t you people have anything better to do?! Wait, scratch that, it’s November, possibly the quietest month of the year, bar maybe late January? Is there anything worse than late January, you haven’t been paid in ages, the Christmas buzz is long gone, the weather is awful and the next holiday is Saint Patrick’s day. May as well be running uphill into a frosty shower.

Various mailers – ‘Where can you watch NFL/NBA/MLB/NHL etc in Dublin?’

You would not believe the number of emails we get on this. In the last two weeks alone, there has been about ten emails asking where people can watch the WS, the NFL or even NBA. The funny thing is, there are some bars that are catering for the NFL in particular. Other sports, not so much. This is going to take an entire piece on its own to answer, should have something up by Friday so check back for a list of the best places to watch the NFL and the best streaming sites to watch NFL, NBA and MLB.

Brian – Boston ‘Who you got tonight?’

I have to admit this World Series has won me over. The Phillies are fun to watch, great pitching, gritty players, the Chase Utley show, and one of the better home crowds in Major League ball. Thank Jeebus. Jehovah, Allah, Buddha or whoever it is you believe in they at least made it a relatively competitive series. Pedro has every chance to build on his strong 8 strikeout start earlier in the series, and if he can eek out a win tonight in the zillion dollar house that A-Fraud built, well, imagine how highly strung the Yanks would be in game 7? Pretty highly strung. Someone told me once that something similar may possibly have happened in 2004 although that has to be confirmed. Phillies win a 5-2 stunner tonight and then over power the stunned 200 billion dollar Yankee squad 10-2 in game 7 on the back of 6 RBIs off the bat of rejuvenated Ryan Howard. Cliff Lee coming out of the ‘pen for 4 shutout innings of relief. Just remember, you heard it here first.

G – Dublin, Ireland I got your email via your blog online. I was wondering if there are any teams around the Dublin area in which I could play baseball with?

There sure are! The best way to get involved in the Irish Baseball league is to contact the league administrator. The league is now finished for 2009, however 2010 promises to be another exciting season. There is a ‘B’ league for players new to the game or just looking to swing a bat on a weekend (and not get arrested for same). The ‘A’ league is higher level, more competitive and still fun. Winter training normally starts in January, details of that will be posted here and on the official Baseball Ireland website also.

John – Ireland

I have spent years creating the Look Around Ireland website and am trying to promote it as best I can, so...Is it possible to get a link from your Blog on your other choice links to my website with the link words Ireland Travel?

Look Around Ireland
The Online Guide to Ireland

Done and dusted, John!

S - California
‘You are the least intelligent person I have ever met. What is your favourite Bloodhound Gang song?’

Great question! Thanks for the compliment, also. People do not understand the Bloodhound Gang. They see a bunch of lunatics playing 'noise' and making bad jokes. That's fine with me. I prefer that no one likes them actually, have them all to myself that way. They can rock out with the best of them, and they clearly don't take themselves very seriously at all, as evidenced by songs like 'Ralph Wiggum'.

If I was forced, gun to my head, to pick a favourite tune of theirs right now as we speak, I would have to say ‘Pennsylvania’, an anti-love song to the Gang’s home town.

…and remember - ''if you were not entertained, you did not drink enough booze!''

This is actually the 1,000th posting on Boston Irish, that’s pretty incredible really. The project started as practice for an eventual turn to sports journalism, and it has ballooned into a monster now, as evidenced by the four figure number of postings, and the 70,000 + unique IP addresses that have paused on this site at some stage or another in the last couple of years. At the end of the day it’s all about communication and the sharing of ideas. Its priceless being able to communicate with friends and like minded people all around the world, and its fun being able to hash out ideas on sports and related topics, hopefully doing so in a sometimes entertaining manner. Thanks to everyone who has stopped by and continues to stop by.

Hope you sometimes find something enjoyable within.

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Irish National baseball team

Irish National baseball team
Team Ireland at the European Championships, Croatia, 2000.

A nice little mention for this blog on Fox Sports

A nice little mention for this blog on Fox Sports


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