Thursday, November 05, 2009

The one about the team that bought a World Series.

Things that you can do for $450 million.

Why bother with the time consuming process of drafting players, bringing them up through the minors and moulding them into a good team, when you can just open your fat wallet and spend $458 million pre-season and ride your free agents to the most boring World Series title ever?

Since 2001 the New York Yankees have spent $1.5 billion on their collection of free agents that doubles as a baseball team. That's $500 million more than any other team (yes, even the Mets!) in Major League Baseball.

I would rather be watching College Football.

There are consolations of course. Perhaps all baseball fans who are sickened by the Yankees and their ridiculous spending sprees and $2,500 front row seats should turn to the Florida Marlins as a sign of hope for the future. The Marlins are far ahead of all other MLB teams in terms of dollars per win ratio. As we said here before;

''The Florida Marlins are really incredible. On a paltry ’09 total salary figure of $36M the Fish have managed a superb 72 wins (to date of article). What that means is every win has cost the Marlins $.50M. Now that is serious bang for your buck.''

For Red Sox fans, the consolation is heart warming when you think about it. While the Yankees have a squad of over-paid and over-thirty veterans, the Red Sox are stocked to the brim with a bunch of home grown players that should help the Sox dominate the AL East for years to come, while the Yankees save for their next insane spending spree.

The Yankees have nothing to match the incredible home grown talent collection that is Daniel Bard, Jacoby Ellsbury, Jonathon Papelbon, Kevin Youkilis, Dustin Pedroia, Michael Bowden, the magnificent Jon lester, Jed Lowrie, Manny Delcarmen and the wildly talented Clay Buchholz.

And yes, that list is going to help me sleep at night.

You can have your purchased World Series. We got Danny Bard.


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A nice little mention for this blog on Fox Sports


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