Wednesday, December 23, 2009

It's not you, Toronto, it's me..

You know, people have been shaking their heads for weeks, trying to figure out how the Phillies landed Roy Halladay from the Blue Jays. The Mariners, who were the third part of the three-way deal, seem to have got away from the crime scene in the best shape, having given up basically nothing of consequence and getting Cliff Cy Young Lee in return. The big losers? The Blue Jays of course.

Maybe the good baseball fans of Toronto feel 2.5% better today after the venerable Halladay took out a big ad in a Toronto paper saying, well, goodbye, basically.

Interesting stuff. Many questions jump to mind. What kind of formatting demands putting one's own name, centered, at the top of a letter? And where can I find the "sincerely handwritten" font that he used? Is this something only available in certain packages of Microsoft Office?

So many questions and so little time. Did Roy's family send out Christmas cards with 'Happy Halladays' as the caption below the picture? When Vince Carter saw this ad, did he crumple it up and get injured when he tried to shoot it into the trashcan?

Of course, not everyone can leave with class and dignity. Let's have a look back at some letters to the public in newspapers that didn't generate much goodwill...

Dear Pittsburgh
**** you
Yours, the Pittsburgh Pirates

Dear Memphis Fans,
Um, so Memphis is in Kentucky, right? Yeah, right. So I loved Kentucky and what not. Definitely. Always liked your chicken the best. Um, let's see, Zach Randolph kicks ass at beer pong, so y'all should keep rooting for him and s***. Guy in the suit who's name I can't remember can kiss my ass though. What else... Oh yeah, that other dude's named Gay, and that's some funny s***.

Allen Iverson

Dear Atlanta
Thanks for the good times. Off to get b*** slapped around the Bronx again for another summer. Be back real soon!
Happy Christmas

Javier Vazquez

And finally, this from the Orlando Daily News.

Dear White Women of Orlando,
I am about to be single but am about to be worth only 820 million dollars. I hope that you will all still be willing to sleep with me. I look forward to hearing from all you.

Tiger Woods

Happy Christmas to all our loyal readers, and a very happy new year. Have fun and be good.


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