Monday, December 21, 2009

The NFL and talking to you doctor about erectile dysfunction.

After watching two NFL games back to back on NFL Game Pass (where you see American advertisements) I was left in something of a dreamy, drug induced commercial daze.

In Ireland, the ads are so predictable and dreary, the networks have to resort to the ‘trick’ of increasing the volume on ad breaks, to literally make you sit up and pay attention. In the States, no such issues, the ads are so colourful, chaotic and crazy (not to mention frequent) that you end up dreaming about them after over exposure.

After last nights games I had a sudden urge to go to Subway in my brand new pick-up truck, order a $5 foot-long, play the game Avatar on my brand new Sony wide-screen TV, invest all my money in a really secure long term financial plan and switch my phone to a smarter calling plan. Most of all, I was absolutely dying to talk to my doctor about erectile dysfunction.

The barrage of advertisements, ordering you to make a change or be an idiot, would be enough to give anyone erectile dysfunction.

Meanwhile, has Dan Shaughnessy written his apology to Randy Moss as yet? Shaughnessy wrote an absolute hatchet job on Moss last week in the Globe, after a game where Moss didn’t play up to standard basically. That’s the way it goes these days. Massive, wild, over-reaction to any event in sports. Sweeping, eulogistic articles that call into question the character of people we really do not know that much about. Bob Ryan of the Globe also wrote a less sensationalist but equally damning piece on Moss.

Pretty shocked to see Ryan spew out a pretty baseless and ugly character assassination, Shaughnessy, totally expected behaviour, Ryan, not so much. Hopefully both of those gentlemen are preparing well written and sincere pieces where they apologise to the Patriots receiver, who destroyed the Bills secondary last night.

Not holding my breath, but, hopefully they do the right thing.

Randy Moss


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