Thursday, December 10, 2009

Trade Mike Lowell? This both sucks and blows.

Good friend of mine called me today and said ‘what do you make of the (potential) Mike Lowell deal?’. The conversation took about five seconds, or as long as it took me to reply ‘(expletive deleted) hate it’.

We're trading this guy? For real?

For those of you not tapped into the baseball winter meetings and trade rumour mill, Lowell is reportedly going to the Rangers for a young backup catcher. The Sox will be paying most of Lowell’s salary as part of the deal.

This ‘deal’ is an absolute horror show on a number of levels. The Sox are going to dump a quality guy for, effectively, very little, and continue to pay his salary, so you can’t even call it a salary dump. They are losing a brilliant clubhouse presence. They are picking up a catcher when, last I checked, we already have a superb starter and a brilliant back-up at that position. Finally, this leaves a mammoth hole at third base, both offensively and defensively, that right now the Sox are looking at filling with Adrian Beltre.

What, Milton Bradley wasn’t available?

This deal stinks like a soaking wet pair of seven year old sneakers in a kit bag that hasn’t been opened for four months.

Lowell is a steady 20 home run 80 rbi guy with an absolutely superb third base glove. He has played some of the finest third base seen at Fenway in many a year. People are so fast to forget – Lowell finished an incredibly fifth in the MVP voting in as recently as 2007, a year in which he batted a wild .350 in the seasons second half.

2007 World Series MVP

The further you read into this, the more inane a move this looks. We’re giving up the 2007 World Series MVP and paying the majority of his salary, for a young backup catcher, really? Apparently I missed the memo that the Sox are raising a white flag on the ’10 season a little early.

Interesting to see the Globe lay the potential deal out in very stark detail;

‘’ Lowell hit .290 with 17 HRs and 75 RBIs in 119 games 2009. The reported deal would send Lowell to the Rangers for catching prospect Max Ramirez, who hit .217 with 2 HRs and 9 RBIs in 17 games in the majors last season.’’

They left out the part that Boston would still pay the majority of Mike Lowell’s salary, but you still get the basics.

You know, if you watch baseball, if you actually watch the games, and don’t make your decisions based on a stack of statistics, how can you justify this potential trade? Lowell is a ‘glue’ type player, he is one of the guys that holds the Red Sox together. Lose him, and the Red Sox lose a very important piece of the puzzle.

Seriously, Adrian Beltre? Why not just get Kanye West into a baseball uniform, throw him into the clubhouse after a bad loss and see what happens?

So while the Yankees manage to land a superb young franchise type center fielder from Detroit, for a pack of crisps and a half used tube of toothpaste, the Sox are about to jettison a superb defensive, clutch hitting, A+ clubhouse veteran, and even pay his wages in the process!

As Beavis would so often comment sardonically, this both sucks and blows.



Shane said...

Don't worry, we still need a LF so Bradley is definitely on the table. I'm sure the Cubs would take Youk for him. Then the Sox just use Max/Tek at C and V-Mart at 1b. All problems solved.

liam said...

youk for bradley?

i'd have taken it. i'm also more than happy to just stick silva at the back of the bullpen, or just release him.

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