The Boston Irish 'ESPN Streak for the cash' group

Any of you Chug Monkeys play ESPN's game, ESPN Steak for the cash?

We at Boston Irish became addicts over the last few months. The concept is so simple. The ESPN streak buster supreme sets about a dozen games a day from a wide variety of sports, and you basically have to pick a team and hope it wins or covers whatever the streak offers. Once the game you pick is completed, you can go ahead and pick another.

We at Boston Irish are currently riding a reasonably decent 7 game winning streak.

We created a group you can join in, the game is set up so that stats are refreshed monthly, so it doesn't matter when you join.

It's free to play and, bonus, you can win monthly prizes of $100,000 for the longest streak and $2,500 for the most wins in a month.

Probably looks 'vanilla' at first glance, but let me assure you, this game becomes completely addictive. You end up thinking to yourself frequently 'I wonder if I completed my streak pick today'. You also end up watching some pretty obscure US College games, either on TV or online, with perhaps a decent winning streak on the line.

Another nice little feature - if you have an iTouch or an iPhone you can download a free 'ESPN the streak' app, and play the game sitting on the sofa without a laptop or PC in sight.

Once you get fully engrossed in the game, there are so many enjoyable aspects to it. Once thing that is absolutely fascinating is the number of times you will have 95% of players or higher picking a 'certainty' and, that same certainty losing, or not covering, or whatever the Streak Buster team sets. There are thousands upon thousands playing every night so if you see 99.1% picking whoever against whatever that represents thousands of people, but you still have to think to yourself, 'Is this really as nailed on as it looks?' The Streak Buster, whoever he or she is, appears to be very good at picking 'banana peel' games.

The game is also beautifully laid out and chock-full of statistics and lists of your previous months picks.

It also has a really interesting section on your pick breakdown in a sport-by-sport representation. What does this tell us? Well, apparently, if the below is anything to go by, I know my stuff when it comes to Soccer however, NBA, not so much!

At first glance you might think, 'meh, whatever' - however if you like sports, and if you like the concept of building a streak of winning picks, then this is a superb little enjoyable waste of time. Give it a try, you might end up wondering if Penn State are going to beat Indiana by single or double digits on a Thursday night. Best part? If you are wrong, it won't cost you a dime!