Monday, January 18, 2010

Early AFC and NFC Championship predictions

AFC Championship NY Jets @ Indianapolis
‘There’s this guy I know’ – how often does a conversation about gambling start like that? There is actually this guy I know, Brian, off my football team, that has a few hard earned bucks on the Jets at a whopping 50-1 to win the Superbowl. I can see his point, anything can happen now at this stage, however I will still be stunned if he collects. Nice bet though. The key to this game looks simple enough, if the Colts can keep Peyton Manning off the floor they should beat the Jets easily enough. Phillip Rivers looked like he was ready to rip the Jets to shreds with long passing plays until the Jets dialed up numerous exotic looking blitzes and the Chargers offensive line basically crumbled. If the Colts can buy Manning time in the pocket, he will simply pick the jets to pieces. It is one thing to come back from 0-7 down against the Chargers, quite another for the anemic Jets offence to come back from a couple of scores in Indianapolis.

Just imagine the Chargers kicker, with his head swimming in an enormous over sized helmet, hadn’t missed two kicks, do you really think the Jets could have come back from 13-0 down? Me neither.

Did you see how crazy they went when they eventually scored? That’s because it doesn’t happen often! Before we all start putting Mark Sanchez in the Hall of Fame, just remember he has thrown six interceptions in ONE single game this year, and that the entire Jets game plan is set up so he doesn’t have to throw more than 15 times.

Prediction: Indianapolis destroys the Jets 34-13

NFC Championship Vikings @ Saints
You know what, there really does look like there might be something wrong with Adrian Peterson!

Personally I thought he had been over looked in the build up to the showdown with the wildly over hyped Cowboys. As it turned out, he was hardly a factor at all and in fact Chester Taylor, the Vikings back up running back, ran with more effect. Nevertheless, the powerful and motivated Vikings ‘D’ absolutely de-pantsed the awful Cowboys, and once again millions of pundits crowned Tony Romo too soon.

The way he fell apart in front of that Vikings pass rush was nothing but comical. All week long we were told over and over that Romo belongs in the elite. Well, just yet another little bit of evidence to the contrary.

Did you notice how often Dallas celebrated individual achievements last night? Defenders making a tackle they are paid to make, hopping up and breaking into some pre-rehearsed dance routine, receivers talking trash to the Vikings defenders after every single catch.

Dallas are a pack of loud-mouth, showboating clowns who got exactly what was coming to them, and it is amazing that anyone thought they were going to to into the Vikings home domain against that ‘D’ and come out with anything but an absolute shellacking.

Thing is, now the Vikings have to take on the role of Dallas, and try and come out of New Orleans with a win against their swarming ‘D’ and vociferous crowd. Then there is Drew Brees and his veritable Arsenal of weapons at his disposable. How many decent running backs can new Orleans throw at a team? Five? Seven? They seem to have an endless supply of them, all with their own traits and abilities.

Bush was superb against Arizona, but so were Colston and Shockey.

On the other hand, New Orleans can keep an eye on Peterson and Taylor, while keying in on Rice in the backfield. The Vikings just do not have the firepower that the Saints possess. That’s not a knock on them at all, hardly anyone does!

Prediction: Just too many weapons for Drew Brees to use. Vikings hang in there gallantly but can’t keep up in the fourth quarter. New Orleans wins 34-26.


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