Monday, January 25, 2010

NFL advances Saints to Superbowl.

First things first, I was rooting for the Saints all the way, both emotionally and financially, a little pre-season wager on them at 14-1 sealed that particular deal. However, having watched last nights game, it's pretty clear the NFL was only going to allow one team to advance to the Superbowl, and it wasn't the Vikings.

If I am a Vikings fan, I am absolutely furious today.

Where to start? The numerous late and illegal hits on Brett Farve? The complete joke of a phantom interference call late in the game? The reception that wasn't, where the ball hit the turf but the review officials laughably let the catch stand?

When it is all said and done, when the bets have been settled and when the partying starts, no one wants to hear 'hey, there were some issues with that win' - but the fact of the matter is the NFL should be forced to answer some serious questions on last night's game, in officiating terms.

Again, I repeat, I had no interest in the Vikings winning, I was actively rooting for the Saints. However, you can only call it how you see it, and that game was, frankly, a joke.

The completely phantom pass interference call where the Saints receiver wasn't touched, and the ball wasn't even catchable, sustained a vital drive. The play where the ball clearly hit the turf but the 'catch' was upheld by review is more serious perhaps as several people had to 'pass' that incident, when they must have seen the ball clearly hit the ground.

Was this game 'clean' at all, is the question.

Most worryingly at all, in an age where the NFL has gone out of its way, correctly so in my opinion, to protect the QB, the referees in this game basically let the Saints do whatever they wanted to Farve. Watching the highlights after the game I counted at least five seriously dubious hits on Farve, well after the ball has left his hand.

Throw the flag, right? Wrong. Disgusting low hit, no flag.

Worst of all was a late hit where one Saint went high and the other went low, illegally, below the knees.

How do those officials not make any of those calls?

Farve took an absolute pounding, an illegal on too. My respect for the man has quadrupled over night, he took his beating and still almost pulled out a dramatic win on the road.

This tough guy can come back as often as he wants as far as I am concerned.

Having said that, it looks clear to me that the NFL was never actually going to allow the Vikings to win that game, no matter how tough Farve and his crew played.

Doubt me? Watch the highlights.

That game has a distinct pungent smell of a dubious nature.

Go Saints?

Whatever. Doesn't feel right after that joke.


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Jerry Holliday said...

I agree the officiating wasn't great but what you're failing to mention here is that the Vikings can point the finger right at themselves for not advancing to the Super Bowl. Five yards for 12 men in the huddle and then the old, ugly side of Favre came out and threw an interception when they had their destiny in their own hands and were within field goal range to win the game with under a minute to go.

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