Friday, January 08, 2010

The Rex Ryan effect.

Where does that fat slob Rex Ryan, the New York jets coach, get off making sweeping, erroneous and baseless statements like the below?

"We're dangerous. You have to be able to run the football this time of year, and you have to be able to play defense, and we can do that better than any team in the league''

He should be fined three weeks worth of cheeseburgers for saying that.

Someone get me a Cheeseburge!

Better than any team in the league?

Was that the case when they were blown out 31-14 in New England? How about when the awful Jaguars beat them 24-22? Best defence in the league? Is that why the Dolphins beat them 30-25, or 31-27? Goodness, the self appointed 'best defence' in the NFL got swept by the ordinary Dolphins squad, really? The other losses, to New Orleans, Buffalo and Atlanta, bring the pathetic Jets loss total to 7. The best defence in the league goes 9-7? Really?

Somewhere the '85 Bears are spitting on the ground derisively.

Rex Ryan and his Jets are a grander collection of chumps than you will find anywhere else in the NFL.

They snuck, crept, squeaked in the very most back door to the NFL playoffs because the Colts and Bengals rested their starters in the last two weeks of the season. Barring that the insufferable Jets would be sitting at home watching.

Best defence in the league? Seriously Res Ryan, do everyone a favour and stick a Bacon Double Cheeseburger in your mouth.

We know you want to.

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