Tuesday, January 19, 2010

U-G-L-Y! I dub thee: Jets

Okay okay okay hang on a second here. Let's get a grip and gain some perspective on this whole Jets thing that's going on at the moment. We are seeing one to many 'The Jets are in the AFC Championships because they...'

A: Believed in themselves
B: Are awesome
C: have a wonderful, colourful head coach
D: Have an awesome Quarterback

Well wait here now just one second.

There are a couple of factors that led to a horribly one dimensional team like the Jets making the playoffs, we will get to those in a second, but first of all, what on earth is the deal here, how are people falling for this lot?

They have no discernible likable qualities at all. They are brash, arrogant, their coach is an idiot of village idiot proportions. They have talked more trash than any team in the NFL, yes even more than Dallas. Their offence consists of running the ball 50 times right up the middle with 5 play action passes thrown in for good measure. Several of their players called their early season meeting with New England their '(our) Superbowl'.

The second Jets 'Superbowl' didn't go quite to plan..

They are a pack of loud mouth, trash talking clowns who have found a backdoor into the AFC Championship.

Thankfully we won't have to put up with them for too long, the Colts will dismantle them on the weekend and Rex Ryan can go back to doing what he does best, which is crying over a stack of Cheeseburgers as he waits for his stack of pancakes to be ready. Extra maple syrup, please.

How did we get to this ugly situation? Ugly? yes, U-G-L-Y. Watching the Jets play is akin to watching a multi car pile up on the highway.

Let's go over the Jets last four games. They played the Colts in week 16, the Colts had a lead and then pulled their starters with a half to go, the Jets came back and snuck past them for the win. Week 17? The Bengals did the same, resting starters and not showing up at all. Thanks to other teams losing and everything falling into place, the Jets snuck into the Wild Card seedings. Their first round opponent? The completely anemic Bengals, who once again rolled over and died dutifully.

Second round, the Jets found the perfect situation again, an oddly nervous Chargers team that hasn't been able to stop the run all season and had no interest in doing so Sunday evening.

Now for the Colts, the first real road-block in the Jets way to their second Superbowl this season.

So confident, am I, that the Colts are going to whip the Jets, that if the Rex Ryan 11 actually do win, I will go into the City and buy one of those gaudy, horrific, tasteless 'Urban' Yankees hooded sweatshirts and wear it for one entire week. Those of you who are regular readers know how much personal pain and stress this would cause. Many of you would find this hilarious, and will probably be now rooting for the Jets with added zeal.

Well, game on, my friends, game on!


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