Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Goal! Goal! Goal!

Oh what a goal.

Sunday night Lionel Messi sent me diving for my cellular telephone to send yet another fawning text message to my poor brother, who is, at this stage, sick of hearing me prattle on about the sensational 22 year old Argentinean. For the last couple of years Messi has basically turned the Spanish Premier League, La Liga, into his own personal playground. He is a pure joy to watch, possibly one of the best I have ever seen. Further debate required there, but what requires zero discussion is the fact that Messi has brought a gloss and an importance to La Liga, the Champions League and indeed World Football that no one else can provide.

His second of three goals in a 4-2 win over Zaragoza was sublime.

The Guardian reports it as such;
The forward's second goal, a stunning solo effort after 66 minutes, was more what we have come to expect from him. Holding off a dogged challenge in the middle of Zaragoza's half, he ran at a retreating defence down the left before bewildering the last defender, turning him inside out and firing a low left-footed shot across the goalkeeper, Jiménez Gago Roberto, and into the bottom corner.
Speaking of the Guardian, I wish I wrote like this guy. Brilliant stuff.

Check out the reaction of the member of the coaching staff with his hands on his head, priceless!

It all happened so fast my emotions got the better of me, diving for the phone I texted; ‘I just saw the best goal I have ever seen’. My brother’s coy response was simply, ‘You don’t really like that Messi fella do you?’

In the cold light of day, having watched the goal several times, of course, I am going to have to create a lengthy post with a lost of say, the top five or ten goals ever and justify this latest Messi outburst, however, for now, just enjoy the great little man at work.

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