Thursday, March 25, 2010

New York is a great place to play. Yeah, right.

Ah good stuff.

Thank you Mark Texiera.

Mellowing slowly from the effects of time, I have noticed I 'hate' (absolutely hate, kind of hate, totally hate) far less people and things than I used to. This makes rooting against the Yankees a bit trickier sometimes.

Man of the people

Thankfully, there still exists in the world, and more importantly in the Yankees infield, people like Mark Texiera. I hadn't even thought about the Yankees until I read this gormless, inane quote from the mouth of a man who basically chose New York over Boston because his wife decided the shopping was a bit better in Manhattan. That and the enormous duffel bag of money they stuffed under his greedy nose.

"This place is great; I can’t believe how easy it is to play here," Teixeira said. "The last two teams I played for (Angels and Braves), they were either trying to trade me or trying to sign me to an extension. And they made it clear that if I didn’t sign, I was a bad guy.

Oh no! Those evil, evil teams! Move over Darth Vadar, Jabba the Hutt and Ming the Merciless, there are new bad guys in town. Imagine the gall of the front office crews in Anaheim and Atlanta, trying to sign a player who's contract would otherwise have run out at the end of the season, shocking!

Texiera is nothing but a spoilt, greedy little man. He simply lacks the testicular fortitude to come out and say 'Yeah well I came to New York because they drove a big fat truck full of money to my lawn and dumped the cash all over it.'' Hiding behind a pathetic and wildly erroneous jab at his former teams, Texiera is simply refusing to take the responsibility for his actions.

He. Signed. With. The. Yankees. For. The. Money.


Baltimore: another 'great' place to play

So New York is suddenly a great place to play eh? I see. Has anyone told Randy Johnson, Kevin Brown, Kei Igawa or Hideki Irabu this? Maybe send them a quick email with the subject line 'Hey, Mark 'Man of the people' Texiera says New York is a great place to play now!' and see how many expletives they can fit in their response to you.

Let's see how 'great a place to play' New York is when the Yankees ageing lineup starts to slow down over the next few years, at which stage they will reach into their minors looking for fresh new talent to promote to the majors only to find the cupboard is bare.

You know what, that's the real reason they inserted those disgusting $2,500 corporate seats. A moat. They are a ready made defensive position for when the noisy, aggressive and angry natives start throwing hot dogs and batteries at Yankee players with the team struggling at 40-54 in late 2011.

Great place to play my big fat Caucasian backside.

Gosh darn it I hate the Yankees.


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The Omnipotent Q said...

I think he still despises Boston over that mess with Dan Duquette years ago when he was in high school. I will always believe he never had any intention of playing for the Sox, and just used them to get a better deal out of New York.

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