Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Nomar Garciaparra puts it all behind him and retires as Red Sox player. Phew.

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Some good, wholesome, happy, cheerful news to get your Wednesday going. Old friend Nomar Garciaparra, is to retire from Major League Baseball today, and he will do so as a Boston Red Sox player. He is due to sign a Minor League deal to make him 'one of us' again, at which point he will retire.

What will retirement bring? No doubt a push to create a master race of super athlete children with his US Soccer superstar wife, Mia Hamm.

Clearly a lot of work must have gone into this behind the scenes, in order for Nomar to be able to find a way past his disdain for how he perceives the way he was treated on the way out the door in '04. Congratulations to the Red Sox front office, yet another PR coup, and one that no doubt was tough to pull together considering the acrimony of the 2004 divorce.

For those newer Red Sox fans, Nomar was the bomb. He was the bee’s knees. He had ten runs batted in in one game, ten! He launched heat seeking missile home runs all over Fenway and played an all action short stop that wasn't flawless but was certainly superior to a certain 35 year old down the road in New York. His credentials are excellent. Garciaparra was a five-time All-Star in Boston, the Rookie of the Year in 1997 and finished second in the MVP voting of 1998 when he hit .323 and drove in 122 runs while hitting 35 homers. How wicked awesome would it be to have a played of that calibre at short right now in Ye Olde Towne?

Nomar did it all, and did it with style. Sure, things fell apart in the end, however maybe now it will be easier to remember his time in Boston fondly.

For those of us with Nomar Garciaparra tattoos on our shoulders, this also brings an element of closure to a potentially tricky issue.

We can all move forward now!

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