Tuesday, March 02, 2010

United they stand

So let's just get one thing straight, okay? I dislike Manchester United. Very much so. Thing is, it's always easy enough to spot the good guys in a good v evil conflict, and what's happening at Manchester United right now is nothing short of heinous. The current owners, the Glazer family. are quite literally running United into the ground.

This furore all started after the publication of club accounts for 2008/2009. The figures revealed that without the sale of Cristiano Ronaldo to Real Madrid for £81m, the colossal interest payments on the club's debt would have meant a net loss, after a hugely successful season in which the club won the Premier League and reached the Uefa Champions League final. smells fishy, no?

Step forward the good guys.

A group of wealthy and well-connected Manchester United fans known as the Red Knights today confirmed that they are putting together a bid for Manchester United.

This is good news all round.

The idea of a group of (wealthy) supporters running the club is wildly more appealing than the cavalier, ignorant manner the Glazer family appears to be 'running' United.

One final note, it's actually kind of sad to see Alex Ferguson, United's firebrand manager, fall into line behind the Glazers. Ferguson is so fast to let people know right from wrong normally, it would have been nice to see him take visible umbrage at the great old club being basically raped and pillaged by a group of people that have no interest in the club itself.

Meanwhile, Ireland v Brazil tonight in a friendly played in the UK. Here's hoping Robbie Keane pulls off his jersey after a shock 3-0 Irish win, and the slogan on his t-shirt says 'Me ma loves me'. Would make a nice change from the Brazilian player’s insufferable religious slogans.

Of course, a little unlikely, sadly.


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Irish National baseball team
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