Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Say it aint so, Amalie

Oh come on now. Seriously.

Amalie Benjamin. Say it aint so? Not you too?

The last couple of years a new breed of enormously less narcissistic Boston Globe sports writers have been ‘born’ and risen from the murky waters inhabited previously by the Calvanistic, ‘the sky is falling’ former crew. The likes of Wilbur, Caffardo, Abraham, Finn, Benjamin and others are a fresh break from the old, dour, and downbeat scribblings of previous Sox writers.

Occasionally, however, it would appear old habits die hard. Perhaps Amalie Benjamin, up to now a beacon of positivity and rational thinking, has been possessed by the poltergeist of Dan Shaughnessy.

After last nights Sox loss, in just their second game of the season, Marco Scutaro made a throwing error, which did prove quite costly. Benjamin wrote, and I quote:

‘’The image that remained, however, was of yet another error from yet another shortstop.’’

Wait now, what? This is the new Sox shortstop’s second game at the helm. Second. He has played twice for Boston. Two times. Yet, we are now supposed to lump him in with failed long term projects like Edger Renteria and Julio ‘crotch grab’ Lugo? Seriously?

Scutaro has by all account been a success so far, in spring, in game one and fitting in to a new environment. Surely it might be a little bit early to line him up and verbally execute him along with the ghosts of shortstops past?

This is like a girl, who has had really bad luck with a string of brutal boyfriends, meeting a new guy and after two dates saying ‘Oh you are just like all the rest’ because he burped after the desert or something. Imagine lumping that new boyfriend in with those old, shabby, no good guys just for one minor mishap, after two dates?! Isn’t that, wouldn’t that just be completely crazy? Maybe the new boyfriend is going to be entirely awesome, maybe he is really into doing the house work and maybe he has an all inclusive trip to Hawaii lined up. Who knows. Shouldn’t the girl give him some time to fit into his new role?

Amalie, shouldn’t we give Marco time to fit into his new role?

''Welcome to Boston, you have two games to prove yourself..''


TrueIrishStories said...

Dude - you're underestimating the seriousness of the situation - if the Sox continue at their current rate, they will finish the season 81-81 and that's not winning the wildcard in any division. If we don't call out the non performers now, when the hell can we start (hello Mr 0-7rtiz!)

Cormac said...

ha ha - very good! You crazy cracker you.

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