Saturday, April 03, 2010

The six year silence

It's not often an entire fan base goes into some kind of shock induced coma and stays silent for a period of six years. Well, it would appear the run is over. Yankees fans are back, and goodness gracious are they chirpy.

Most Red Sox fans will have noticed a complete lack of any kind of trash talking or mouthing off from their Yankee fan friends. This dates back to 2004, when the Yankees were unceremoniously dumped out of the ALCS by the Red Sox, in what was one of the most dramatic, shocking turn arounds in contemporary sports history.

I hadn't really thought about it until the last week or so, as the Major League season drew closer and closer. I noticed, for the first time in quite literally years, that Yankee fans had started posting on MLB forums, sending those angry, aggressive and kind of lonely emails and otherwise making a nuisance of themselves once again.

It appears as if the Yankee fan base has finally recovered from the shock of '04 and has crawled out from under its rock and is ready to get all 'Jersey Shore' on us yet again. Their singularly purchased 2009 title has given them the bravado to recover from the stomach punch blow of '04 and they are ready to spew bile, uninformed trash talk and vitriol yet again. One more time with feeling.

Ironically this brings a sort of world order into place again, at least in the Major League universe. I actually have to admit I did miss those angry little Yankee fans and their taunts and bluster. The gap of six years was completely incredible. If I do a search in my email for the words 'Red Sox suck' or 'Yankees rule, man' or 'random homosexual slur aimed at any given Red Sox player' I find absolutely nothing in the period of October 2004 to March 2010. If I do the same search in the former and latter mentioned period my laptop explodes like a Scud missile just hit it.

You know, I should mention, there are two distinct types of Yankee fans. There are the level headed, knowledgeable fans, those who watch the game for a love of baseball and the history of it all. Then there are these guys.

And so here we are on the cusp of the 2010 MLB season, and the Yankee fan is back in action, pouring forth once again their unique brand of pathetic, archaic, redundant hatred. Welcome back guys, we really missed you.

What the average Yankee fan is trying to say to you
A handy translation tool

''Red Sox suck!'' - ''I am nervous that last season was just an aberration and the Yankees are going to spend years in the wilderness once their high priced, ageing free agents start to run out of steam''
''Josh Beckett is gay!'' - ''I am unsure of my own feelings sexually and I may have a man crush on Josh Beckett''
''The Red Sox will lose, man, the Red Sox always lose!'' - Just something a Yankee fan said to me the night the Yanks went 3-0 up in '04. I wish I could find him just to say hi.


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The Omnipotent Q said...

The trash talk hasn't been anywhere nearly as bad as I would have thought since last November, Cormac. And I freely wear my Sox hat everywhere and not an insult has been hurled at me. But, of course, that could change in a heartbeat.

You wrote: "You know, I should mention, there are two distinct types of United fans." I think you meant "Yankee fans", but since ManU is the English Evil Empire, it's easy to get confused...

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