Thursday, April 15, 2010

Teams not winning the 2010 World Series: Number one: The Houston Astros.

With last night's loss the Houston Astros dropped to a stunning opening skid of 0-8. What's worse? The fact that they went to 0-8 or the fact they lost to Brad Penny? I'll tell you what's worse, they are the first team to make it to Boston Irish's coveted 'Teams that are not going to win the World Series' list! Take a bow Houston.

Last night's loss was bad enough, however, one more and the Astros will be off to their worst start in team history.

In eight games Houston has scored a ridiculously low 14 runs. This puts them on a pace to score a super-pathetic 300 runs over the course of the 2010 season. The worst run scoring team in baseball since 1990 scored 466 runs. Houston will have to kick start their offence dramatically to avoid becoming historically bad.

This lack of run scoring points towards a horrifically bad season for Houston. Only four teams since 1990 have scored fewer than 700 and finished above .500. Note that figure, 700, and remember Houston is on a pace to score only 300 runs. Without a particularly dramatic turnaround Houston would appear to have little or no hope of even breaking .500.

Blaming it on missing Lance Berkman doesn't work, one man does not a team make. Boston is effectively playing without David Ortiz at the moment and are off to a reasonable start. Houston's lineup is rounded out with largely no-name (and apparently no-bat) players who nobody outside of Houston knows anything about. Have you ever heard of J.R. Towles or Tommy Manzella? Not many people have. The established 'stars' they do have are not getting the job done. Carlos Lee was 0 for 4 last night including a double play ball and weak flyout for the second out in the ninth, and is 3 for 31 on the season with no RBIs.

They aren't even likeable. Wife beating coward Brett Myers is their number four guy in their starting rotation. How do you root for that?

Just remember, you heard it here first, the Houston Astros are not going to win the 2010 World Series.

The full list
Teams that are not going to win the 2010 World Series

1. The Houston Astros
2. Coming soon.


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