Thursday, June 24, 2010

Just a great day at the World Cup yesterday

That Landon Donovan goal, huge. Absolutely huge, on so many levels. First things first, that goal catapults Donovan from ‘big fish in a small pond’ to legitimate US superstar. He has been doing it consistently for years for team USA, however his sensational game winning goal yesterday now puts him right up there with the top athlete superstars in the USA. Deservedly so, too. His goal was simple enough, the lead up play and the ‘poachers instincts’ to be following up for the rebound were things you can’t teach.

Donovan deserves to be enjoyed at the highest level of football. He has had a terrific half season at Everton in the English Premiership, and can definitely lead the USA past an athletic but kind of punchless Ghanaian side.

For the USA on a whole, hopefully that goal serves as an impetus to shove soccer even higher up the rankings in the States. Too long it has wallowed behind the ‘big three’ of NFL, NBA and MLB. Maybe Donovan’s goal will be the catalyst that drives soccer to new, great heights in the States.

Meanwhile, believe it or not, England are actually favourites to bear Germany in their next match, their first in the knockout rounds. England are currently best priced at 6/4 whilst the Germans are 9/4. These numbers may be skewed somewhat by the English betting public, however it is amazing to see the Germans actually underdogs to England’s shockingly mediocre eleven.

Germany has quality, pace and talent all over the park, at every position. They are a forward thinking side, infused with youth. They survived a very tough group, seeing off the challenge of the Serbs (sure, they lost to them but should have beaten them handily and they progress, not their Serbian rivals), handling Ghana with ease and absolutely annihilating the Australians.

England, meanwhile, struggled mightily to finish runners up in a group that most said was the easiest in the World Cup. Ireland played Algeria before the finals in a friendly and absolutely destroyed them 3-0. Make no mistake, they were a limited side. England’s draw against them was nothing short of pathetic. Bear in mind, the States hit the woodwork a couple of times against the same foe and probably should have run out easy 2-0 or 3-0 winners. Slovenia? No great shakes at all.

The body of Germany’s work in this World Cup is far more impressive than that of England.

Give me that 9/4 any day of the week.

Watch out England, the Panzers are coming.

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A nice little mention for this blog on Fox Sports


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