Friday, June 11, 2010

So, can we shut up about trading Papelbon now?

In baseball, more so than other sports, there is always a fan that thinks he knows more than the manager of his or her favourite club. ‘Bench this guy or that guy, start this fella or that fella’ whatever it is, everybody has an opinion on how to put a Major League ball club on the diamond.

In Boston, it is taken to a whole new level.

In Ye Olde Towne, they don’t tell Tito how to run the team, as much as every Joe Punter on the street actually tells the Red Sox front office how to run the entire ball club. ‘’Lineup changes? Screw that! I’ll tell you exactly who we need to trade for to get this club going!’’

It is entirely moronic.

Last night was a great example of why the big mouthed 'Uber' fans should stick to their day jobs. For weeks, in fact for months now, with young Infernoballer Daniel Bard throwing absolute darts, there has been plenty of chatter as to how Boston should trade their All Star closer Jonathon Papelbon. One blown save all season, and people are ready to send him off to inevitably haunt Boston down the road. Thankfully the front office aren’t idiots, like many, many of their fans.

Bard is no doubt going to be a superb closer in the future. He has the stuff, and appears to be a willing learner who will not be afraid to attack the strike zone in clutch situations down the road. However, in one corner you have a guy who is almost the perfect closer, Papelbon is fearless, has Grade A+ ‘stuff’ and has that little bit of, for want of a better description, mental instability that is essential to the modern closer. Bard? We have no clue yet.

It's baseball. It is a slow game. It doesn't lend itself well to reactionary, knee jerk management or front office decisions. It takes time to develop, even a guy who throws 100mph. Last night Bard blew what would have been a great come back win for the Red Sox. No guilt, no shame, he will bounce back, he is young and on a learning curve. These things happen in baseball.

The people that should be asking themselves a question or two, are the loudmouth clowns who were baying for Papelbon to be traded in the last few weeks.

You guys still want to stick to that statement this morning? Really?

''shut up and enjoy the games, I'm in charge!''

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Blueblood said...

These are no doubt the same talking heads that called for Big Papi to be traded last season and for Marco and Beltre to dumped after a month of action with the Sox.
The love of the club seems to erode Bostonian sensibilities even more each year. Bard is a phenomenon, and will make a great set-up man and, eventually, a great closer.
In the meantime, we have one of the best in the business! Why on earth would any fan want to see Pap go?

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