Saturday, July 03, 2010

Expletives!! Expletives!!

On MLB TV they have a nice feature that I believe is free if you are a customer or not, a condensed game the following day that shows most of the incidents in a given game. They normally take about ten minutes long and are a nice way to watch the game quickly the day after and get a feel for how it went down.

Interestingly they don't have commentary on these condensed games, and you are left with the noise of the crowd, the crack of the bat and the pop of the ball hit the mitt. It's actually pretty cool, for a change.

Another bonus is you hear much of the player chatter, in particular any back and forth between the players/managers and the umpires. Fantastic expletive laden verbal explosion from the Blue Jays manager last night, full of F-Bombs in various shapes and forms! Highly entertaining. Let's just say it's no wonder he got tossed.

You can find that game here, in the 11th inning the Jays score a stack of runs and the manager gets tossed, stacks of fun for everyone.

Note: You can check out the condensed games every day at this location, and again, I think they are free even for non subscribers. If you are watching and don't want to know the score, don't scroll down, as they have the highlights of the same game broken up section by section below the condensed game.

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The Kav said...

I was just watching the condensed game from a few days ago between the Sox and the Orioles and Juan Samuel got tossed for storming out of the dugout, screaming "You f**king call that, you f**king call that now, dammit!"

The lack of commentary lends so much emphasis to what's going on on the field!

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