Grading the Red Sox trade targets

Interesting what you find on Twitter. It's kind of little sneak peak into the machinations of some of the sports worlds more interesting characters. For example, I follow Chad 'Ocho Cinco' Johnson on Twitter, and I have to say, really entertaining individual person to 'follow'.

Another interesting 'feature' is the bucket loads of trade talk you come across, as we get closer to the Major League baseball trade deadline.

Let's have a look at the guys the Red Sox have been linked with the most. We will give them a grade of anything between one and five stars, depending how much we like the trade prospect.

Let's get it on.

Jose Guillen

Couple of things worry me about this one. First off, he is no spring chicken at age 34. Secondly, he plays for the Kansas City Awfulness. How would he react in the pressure cooker that is Boston? We say, badly.

Jayson Werth

Yes, yes, we'll have some of that, thanks very much! A fierce competitor with good speed, a great arm and a potentially thunderous bat. Werth could make hay in Fenway Park. Werth looks ready to move on also, his body language indicates he is ready to try a fresh challenge. Tellin' you right now, this kid would rake at Fenway Park.

Scott Downs

Totally understand this is just a gut feeling on this one, not a fan. The stats suggest Downs is a desirable 'piece' for anyones bullpen. However, having watched him pitch the last few nights on MLB TV, there's just something about him that doesn't work for me. This sounds simplistic, but, he seems to throw to the meaty part of the plate, for me. Could just see, too easily, a late inning disaster happening here.

Kerry Wood

A luke warm 'yes' if only for this memory

Kosuke Fukudome

Interesting, but, why trade for a guy when we already have a number of players having better seasons in the outfield? Pop quiz, who would you take, McDonald or Fukudome? I like McDonald.

Chris Iannetta

No, no, no, no, no. No. There is just no need for this. First things first, Iannetta plays in a home stadium that has been inflating averages for average players for years, and the guy is only hitting .214. No thanks. Most of all, there is no requirement because V-Mart and Varitek are both due back soon.

Leo Nunez

Now we are talking. I have watched Nunez pitch a few times on MLB TV and the kid is the real deal. He has genuine swing and miss stuff, and seems fearless too. He has 43 strikeouts in only 40 innings and would be a fantastic addition to the struggling Red Sox 'pen. Throw him in with Papelbon and Bard and suddenly you have a very scary Red Sox bullpen. Pull the trigger, Theo.

David Aardsma

5.04 ERA, no thanks! Just trade for Nunez already!

Adrian Gonzalez

Doesn't really matter what we say here. If San Diego, in first place, trade their only legitimate superstar, there would be riots on the otherwise peaceful streets of San Diablo.