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In running diary: Red Sox v Rangers - Lackey v Lee 17.07.10

Anyway, what's the first thing you think of when you think of Andy Pettite? For me it would be the permanent five o'clock shadow he has going on so effortlessly. Imagine my shock to see the Yankee lefty as the new front man for Dove, and their fine men's care facial comfort products! Just fantastic. He looks so smooth in the advertisements!! He could walk right out of that photo shoot and straight into a Gillette one. We can legitimately change his nickname to, 'The baby faced assassin'. Andy Pettitte and Dove Men Care, just fantastic.

Suddenly, Cisco hit me with a crazy asian man going insane over something' advertisement and if that doesn't wake you up, don't know what will. So, this morning we have the 'Condensed game' highlights from MLB TV for Boston v Texas, with Lackey v Lee on the hill. Let's get an 'In running diary' going!

Enough with the chit chat. Let's get it on.

Top of one
Cliff Lee, great, just what the Sox need to break out of their slump. Even better, single and stolen base to start the game for the Rangers. Funny quirk about the CG (condensed game, abbreviated military style for the purposes of this speedy little venture) is they say they cover every single batter of the game, but no, oh no, they don't really, they fast forward occasionally. And who are we to take them to task. Sometimes it's a bit jarring though, if you are trying to live in the moment and get the entire 'feeling for the game. This top of the first, great example, single and steal to lead off game, next thing you know Lackey is striking someone out and the half inning is over. Nice!

Bottom of one
Wait a second, is that McDonald leading off? Whoever it is wallops one off the wall to start things for the Sox. Suddenly without warning from the almighty CG there is one out, and Ortiz slaps a double to right. Ortiz is en Fuego, no? Can everyone who wrote and argued vociferously in April that his career was over now slap themselves in the face a few times? Thanks. Youk!! Youk!! Single to right and the big man scores. Red Sox take a 2-0 lead. If there was commentary, and remember in CG there is no commentary for some reason, just crowd noise, they would be reminding us that a 2-0 lead over Cliff Lee is like a 47-0 lead over any other Joe Punter pitcher. Beltre hits into a double play and the inning is over.

Top of two
Josh Hamilton strikes out, and slings his bat into the stands in doing so. CG shows us replays of this four times. Four times. We see Ortiz's double one, we see Hamilton throw his bat in the stands four times.

Seems proportionate.

Unusual end to the inning. Bill Hall makes a nifty play to make it two outs. Then as Lackey wipes his face in his sleeve, the dirty little knacker Cruz tries a sneaky steal of third. Oh no you don't! The catcher (Cash? Not sure, remember, no commentary!) spots it and Lackey spins and throws Cruz out. They had two on and they try that? Unusual, to say the least. Anyone else fully believe in this Rangers team? No, me neither.

Bottom of two
Why do they show Mike Cameron striking out twice? Was that vital? now I understand, it was, apparently the only interesting part of the half inning.

Top of three
The almighty CG gives us nothing. Apparently nothing happens in the top of the third.

Bottom of three
Michael Young makes a superb play to start the half inning, ranging to his left and then throwing a very slow running batter out, could be Mike Lowell, not totally sure, is he off the DL? Will find out shortly I guess. Not having commentary has some advantages, like being able to hear the players and managers curse like soldiers in the 7th Cavalry, but on the whole it's pretty confusing. Scutaro strikes out and we're done with the third. Forever!

Top of four
Big Bad Vlad slaps a single, then tries a steal but gets gunned down by Kevin Cash, confirmed sighting!! Turns out to be as big deal, next batter doubles. Odd decision by Big Bad Vlad, and a big potential rally killer. I'll say it again, does anyone else really believe in this Rangers team? Sure, they are ploughing through the 'hot' part of the season, but don't you see some of these brain dead moments catching up on them? While I Jibber Jabber the half inning ends. Someone grounds out, or something.

'He's behind you!!!' Everyone in the park, including Tito, spots Cruz attempting to steal

Bottom of four
In CG's opinion, nothing happened in the bottom of the fourth! At least nothing we're worthy of seeing.

Top of five
Yes! A 'get out of your seat' play by Scutaro, sliding to field a ball, popping up and throwing the guy out at first. Sweet, I like Marco. We get to see that one less time that Hamilton throwing his bat in the stands. That's all for the fifth.

Bottom of five
Cameron doubles off the wall, one of those scrapers. Cliff Lee gets two very dubious looking corners and the inning is over.

Top of six
Lackey looks like he is really zoned in. They shows a strike out to start. Just when I say that, snowball!! Snowball!! CG can do that to you sometimes. Suddenly there are Rangers all over the bases. Lackey looks like General Custer, surrounded by Rangers (who represent, you know, Sioux and Comanche etc..). Youk makes a nice stab to save a throw from third and the half inning is over, but not after the Rangers take a 2-1 lead.

Bottom of six
Damn you CG. There are already two outs, two away. This half innings doesn't look like it's going to be very beneficial for the Sox. Big Papi strikes out, and my fears are confirmed.

Top of eight
Wait, what, Eight? Oh man. Daniel Bard on the hill. Nice half inning from the young man.

Bottom of eight
Great catch. Inning over. Thanks CG! Man, what's their hurry! At this stage I notice there is 9:26 elapsed of a 13:26 minute highlight reel. Four minutes left, probably no chance of a Sox comeback all things considered.

Bottom of nine
They skip the top of the ninth completely. Maybe Okajima struck out the side!! Maybe, right? Onwards and upwards. Yes! Scutaro singles to start the inning. I like Marco. Sacrifice bunt and he's in scoring position. Papi grounds to third. Yes!! Youk, double to left! We're tied at 2-2. This Red Sox team has a pulse! Phew.

While I am trying to calculate the Sox chances of winning against the time showing (11:06 against 13:26) we are suddenly whipped along by CG to...

Bottom of ten
Cameron, denied!! Denied by a great catch at the wall by Cruz, his second great catch of the game. That would have been a game winner. he had to reach over the wall to get it and all. Gosh darn it. Most dramatically, they show that the same amount of times as the Hamilton bat throwing incident!

Top of eleven
CG is rolling downhill like an out of control train car at this stage. They give us one play from the top of the eleventh. Nice diving stab by Hall and a throw to Youk at first to end the inning. Nice.

Bottom of eleven
Marco at it again. Walks to start the half innings, gets to third as the Rangers throw the ball around on the attempted bunt. I am going to say it again, anyone buying this Rangers team winning it all? Ortiz is walked, to get to Youk, wow. That's an interesting one! Scutaro, easily the player of the game, trundles home with the winning run.

Great to see this Sox team 'Cowboy up' and beat one of the best pitchers in the game, in Lee. Great to see something resembling a pulse in what looks like it was a superb, tight game. Can't tell completely, thanks to the Vagueries of CG, but hey, got the general idea.

One final note, without Marco Scutaro, the Sox do not win that game.

Just saying.

Your game MVP, Marco Scutaro

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